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Favorite MOTUC figure based on the vintage third wave?

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  • Favorite MOTUC figure based on the vintage third wave?

    I'm not creating a poll for this - just pick your favorite and ideally explain why.

    For reference, the vintage 3rd wave included the following:

    Battle Armor He-Man
    Prince Adam
    Battle Armor Skeletor
    Kobra Khan

    I'm going to have to go with Buzz-Off. Buzz-Off is, I think, a perfect update of the original figure. A lot of people don't like the head, but I think it's a perfect update of the original without deviating from the spirit of the original. The colors are great, the sculpt is great. The glued down chest piece works without giving him the fat armor syndrome. The extra insect legs are easy to hide.

    My actual favorite vintage figure from that wave is Clawful, but I didn't really want the obvious 200x elements in his shoulders and armor. I'd have preferred a straight up vintage version, including larger bicep ala Fisto and brown shoulders. The red of his head is too bright too - even the vintage toy was more toned down.

    Fisto is probably going to be most people's choice. He's a beautiful figure, but I have to ding him a couple of points for slightly fat armor and the unsightly giant sword holder in the back.

    Kobra Khan is also near perfect, but I choose Buzz-Off just because I love the bright colors. Whiplash is great, but I find the execution of the tail underwhelming. I'd have appreciated a long tail with better articulation.

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    I'm going with Fisto. I still think he's one of the best figures to come out of MOTUC. In my opinion, he's exactly what MOTUC does best: Takes the best elements from the various ways each character has been depicted while allowing for a bit of customization. He's just incredible. Kobra Khan and Jitsu would probably come in 2nd and 3rd for me.


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      That's a tough one for me, there is a bunch I like a lot up there, and since Fisto is probably one of the best executed figure in the line and it's an obvious choice for most (and for me too), I'm gonna go with Webstor from that chart!
      I just like the way he came out, simple in design yet a good MOTUC translation, plus I have something for those creatures especially arachnids.

      Whiplash, BA Skeletor, BA He-Man and Kobra Khan are also amazing


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        Despite the Belly Shirt Armor, and the Final Fantasy sword holder on his back, I'd have to go with Fisto. I know it's the most typical answer, but it's true- he really is a great figure.

        I think Fisto is the perfect example of MOTUC- a great recreation of the 80's figure, accessories to make a second version (200x), accessories that fans asked for (the giant sword), and a bunch of added details (the little details on his 200x belt)- it is much like Trap Jaw or Mer Man, a perfect example of what MOTUC can be. The 200x gear is so nice, even though I am not the biggest 200x fan, I still bought an extra MOTUC body to make a "Pre-accident Fisto" with the extra parts.

        To be honest, ALL of the 3rd wave characters listed are great MOTUC figures IMO.
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          Tough to argue with Fisto. I love the figures that have elements from more than one era as display options & IMO Fisto accomplishes this the best.

          I also really like how Whiplash turned out. The 200x head may be a little too bulky for the body, but other than that little nitpick, he's one solid figure.


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            just now seeing thread.

            Just from a nostalgia perspective I'm saying Battle Armor He-Man.


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              Fisto for the same reasons barbeque mentioned. For some reason I like ultimate versions of characters that allow me to swap in and out what I like best. I just wish he would've came with a 200x battle glove as well.

              BA he-man, could've came with a 200x head and maybe a pouch ala battle fist.

              Prince Adam, I'll admit I'm not an Adam fan but he should've at least had his sword holder like the 4H intended.

              Orko, I just never liked the character. Plus PA is looking up his gown at the bottom of the package. The color change version is nifty but I think he could've used some update to his magic trick.

              Buzzoff, 200x weapon and insect legs but no head...scratches noggin.

              BA Skelly, no complaints really.

              Clawful, extra 200x head w/o Muppet eyebrows anyone?!?

              Whiplash, the tail isn't very posable but he is one damn fine figure.

              Kobra kahn , no complaints.

              Webstor, this figure is badass for nostalgic reasons but the staction is more badass and menacing.

              Jitsu, the vintage head is missing and ninjor swiped his belt
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                Fisto is #1 for sure, with Webstor 2nd and Kobra Khan 3rd.
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                  In no particular order:
                  Prince Adam
                  Kobra Khan
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