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Has anyone ever successfully changed their address on the "My Subscriptions" page?

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  • Has anyone ever successfully changed their address on the "My Subscriptions" page?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm wondering if the "My Subscription" page actually works because right now it seems to me that it doesn't.

    I'm an international customer and I have the quarterly sub. We moved to a new address in October. In late September, after my quarterly items were shipped to my old address, I went to the "My Subscriptions" page and updated my shipping and billing address. That's almost three months before they actually ship the items in December. When I got my subs renewal email, it turned out that they used my old billing address. I wrote to brady O. from customer service and he replied that there's nothing they could do as the order already is at the warehouse. When I asked to change my address for the 2015 sub, he said they could not change addresses but have to cancel the order and place a new one.

    I have the impression that "My subscriptions" page is not fully functional. I have had my new address as my default billing and shipping address for almost three months now but they still seem to be shipping to my old address. And Brady O says they cannot change addresses without cancelling the order. What is the point of the "My Subs" page? Has anyone had similar issues or is there anyone on thse forums who can confirm that the option to change your address actually works?

    I feel like this is yet another middle finger from Mattel (or TG) to the customers. The "My Subscription" page seems to be there just for show.
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    I agree. I do not think it is really functional. Same thing here attempting to combine Subs. Nothing new, and nothing will change.

    Mattel doesn't care and Digital River most certainly could give a shit less, especially when there is an opportunity to make more gauge money shipping, which is there bread and butter.
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      I've changed mine. There are two places you have to change it and two places you have to change your billing address. It's ridiculous, but it worked.


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        Two places? Maybe that's what I did wrong?
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          I thought I did, because the last shipment came to my new address, but this newest one got sent to my old address. I changed it on the site months ago and even deleted the old address from my info there, but when the new shipment went to my old place, I called those assholes and had them change it over the phone. Still not 100% confident even that worked until my next shipment shows up.


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            I haven't moved so I haven't had to change it so I'm not going to be any help.


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              I've tried changing my sub shipping address to my job's address TWICE in the past two months, and the stupid DR nitwits keep sending the packages to my home address!!! Strange, because I've done it in the past and it worked fine, but now nothing is working with these assholes!


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                No. In fact they did not actually update my shipping address when they said they did. They explained to me that when the address was updated, that only applied to the 2014 sub., so when the 2015 sub. started (I do quarterly shipments), it went back to my old address. WHAT THE ACTUAL ****!?!?!? In what world does that shit make sense!? I am so ****ing sick of these assholes! In fact, this is exactly why I would recommend that everyone choose the quarterly shipping, because this way they can only screw things up four times a year, and believe me, they'll take every opportunity to screw up, but at least you'll only have to deal with these idiots once a season.


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                  I did. I updated my address on the mysubs page and the next month's figures showed up at my new house. Then the next month my old card expired and I had to get a new one, so of course I tried doing the same thing online. What a nightmare that turned out to be, I had to call Matty 3 times because they kept trying to bill my old card. My figures didn't get shipped out til almost 3 weeks later.


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