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    What do you all think about Arrow? I've had him for a few weeks now and I cannot help but feel he's about the most boring release in this line. He's just dull as a toy, but really, really bright. I mean, we're talking conflicting colors all over the place. Seriously, I really like POP and collect the Funko MLP:FIM vinyls and I'm telling Arrow to tone things down a bit.!

    Anyone else feel that way? Am I missing something? I'm also frustrated that I just feel like I cannot get the saddlebags/ pauldrons off of his shoulders without breaking something. They are really tight.

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    The pink really doesn't work for him, especially since his other colors look more grounded. The only positive I can see about Arrow is he's good custom fodder.

    I don't collect POP so I didn't get one (and I don't sub)

    Heroic human battering ram, catapult, and space warp device.


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