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  • Tung Lashor: Discussion and Reviews

    I'm just getting around to taking pictures and reviewing my November figures, so I've finally reached Tung Lashor. How awesome is it that we're only one figure away from having all of the vintage Snake Men?

    I really, really like this figure. The vibrant colors, sturdy accessories, and solid build are just incredible. I wish his ankles had lateral rocker joints but I can't say that they're a deal break for me. What I really do like, though, is that his shoulders have an excellent range of movement. His torso really allows for some excellent shoulder movement: He can almost cross his arms!

    I think at the end of the year that Tung Lashor will easily be in my top 10 list. How about you guys? Has everyone received their figures yet?

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    Tung Lashor is really a great figure. To me he compares favorably with some of the best Horde figures like Modulok and Mantenna. He does have some issues - the tongue head doesn't sit as well as the other head, for instance - but he's a very well executed figure and looks great on the shelf.
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      I really dig your reviews, much better than a lot of the MOTUC reviews out there. Castle Grayskull was a particular gem.


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        Thanks! I appreciate it!

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      Tung Lashor did come out pretty nice, but mine has some loose joints... arms and legs. That always puts a damper on things.


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        I'm impressed with Tung Lashor aside from the tongue head but i probably won't use it anyways.
        I really hope that Sssqueeze doesn't end up with arm issues.

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          Finally Lashor arrived to Spain this Monday. Well, I really love the figure, it has some very soft green painting on the gloves to simulate moss I guess, really cool detail. On the new torso, I have to say it was a good idea, even more to make it skinny, but that's a con too because the snake men faction have some really bulky armors so it make Lashor look even thinner that it is.

          The rocker ankles. I've seen on Thefwoosh and the .org forum there is a Brazilian guy who customized the feet to allow this articulation. It seems that the figure came with the articulation but the new feet were not adapted to it so it's a fixable thing with some plastic being cut. Is some of you doing it? I'll like to see more photos of this customization to know exactly how to do it.
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            I haven't tried the fix on the feet. I did fix the tongue head a little. Mine sat a bit high over the neck. I drilled the hole inside the head a bit deeper, and then also used a bit of sticky tack under the chin to keep the weight of the tongue from making the head droop down. Looks a bit better now. I may remove some material inside the head so it can sit even lower on the neck.
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              Just recieved my figure a few days ago. He looks really cool. His colors really make him stand out when next to the other Snake Men (in a good way).
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                Yeah, he really stands out on the shelf. Great figure

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