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Battle Ram Back On MATTY!!!

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  • Battle Ram Back On MATTY!!!

    I don't know how much can be discussed in this thread about it, but Matty has the Battle Rams back up for sale in the store...

    For anyone like me who had to pass on the initial release and wait.

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    I wonder why they took it down from the sale page in the first place. I know it was during Cyber Monday possibly to avoid giving customers free shipping, but maybe the widespread QC issues may have had something to do with it.


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      LOL, Mattel take something down for QC issues? I doubt it.

      Here is the link, remember, your limit is 10.

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      Always looking to trade MOTUC to complete my collection.


      • Toad
        Toad commented
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        The same, but maybe it became a legal issue for them to knowingly keep selling defective Battle Rams. In the past, they were probably able to legally get away with it some how. It's hard to say what Mattel's motivations are.

      • Nemisythe
        Nemisythe commented
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        I think it was simply to avoid the shipping...

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      Finally, they brought it back! Mattel and their stupid marketing strategies!


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        For what it's worth, The Battle Ram has been up for sale on matty for a couple of weeks now.


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          For a couple of weeks? I was checking that sight just the other day and I haven't seen it!... Must be my cache or something!


          • Toad
            Toad commented
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            Yeah, around late December they put it back up IIRC.

          • Mechanizor
            Mechanizor commented
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            Strange, because I've checked that site numerous times since then and I usually clear my cache regularly!

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          Well maybe I'll get one to replace my ****ed up one... they finally sent me the return label after 2 weeks of harassing them. Bloody idiots. They promised a 2 day turn around time... and it was 2 freaking weeks!
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            2 weeks for a return label? Even Eamon's battle pigeon would be flying from the Philippines faster than that!


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