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Top 10 Worst Figures In The Line?

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  • Top 10 Worst Figures In The Line?

    10. Bubble Power She-Ra (Pointless variant, only released because they screwed up the original)
    9. Shield Maiden Sherrilyn (Horrible character design, boring figure, lame name)
    8. Netossa (Missing key parts and floating head wings)
    7. Vykron (Cheap, low quality attempt to triple their profits. Could have been cool, but cost cutting greed ruined it)
    6. Dekker (Boring beyond redemption)
    5. Nepthu (Poor execution of an already very bland figure)
    4. Eternos Palace King Randor (Totally worthless variant with zero redeeming qualities)
    3. Mo-Laar (Uuuugh. What a joke... except it's not funny)
    2. Mighty Spector (Uninspired tripe from the mind of a very uncreative child)
    1. Lt. Spector (AKA "Vain-Or")
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    All three Star Sisters, Dekker, Sir Laser Lot, Spector, Mo-Larr, Nepthu, Frosta, Snake Man-at-Arms
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      1: Dekker - Most worthless MOTU character ever.
      2: Faceless One - Cool character, but a plastic brick.
      3: Lord Dactys - The topple king.
      4: Mekaneck - Lame since the 80s.
      5: Strong Arm - Lame Filmation character.
      6: Snake Man-At-Arms - Terrible lazy variant.
      7: Moss Man - Also lame since the 80s.
      8: King Grayskull - Stupid clone character that I hate with a passion.
      9: Fang Man - Too goofy looking.
      10: Chief Carnivus - Too Disney-esque looking.


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        #1 Star Sisters. Three Wrongs do not make a Right. Why were these made?????
        #2 The Mighty Spector. Has to be modded/painted/changed to be shelf worthy from purple Deadpool
        #3 Chief Carnivus. Reminds me of "Small Soldiers" just ho-hum.
        #4 Karatti. It just failed. No real redeeming qualities.
        #5 Netossa/Frosta. Soooooo boring
        #6 Vykron. Piece of crap - but at least got three different looks.
        #7 King Grayskull. Pigtails and ill fitting cape, just lame.
        #8 Preternia He-Man. GREAAT WEAPONS - but its Hamburglar He-man in a brown dress.
        #9 Nepthu. Much better in hand than he looks, but looks more good than bad. Needs guyliner and work to be displayed.
        #10 Icarius. $10 is the MOST I will pay for him, but head swap looks great with Sky High.

        Additional Mehs - Cy-Chop, Dekker - just OK. Standor - great body and accessories for customs. Spirit of Hordak - he is more pink than red and not really needed.
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          I can't say I can come up with 10, but I have 5 in mind.

          1. Spector (I'm not even gonna call him "The Mighty)-Enough has been said about this figure.
          2. Nepthu-Sorry, but I still don't buy he was a "fan demanded" character. No way.
          3. Cy-chop-This figure is a mess. I realize what Terry was going for, it just didn't work. At least for me.
          4. Laser-Lot-I'll say this figure had potential, it's just the execution was wrong. We dould've used a super cool knight
          5. Standor-I get why they made this I guess, but when I think about all the other contributors that deserved to be immortalized in figure form, this just doesn't make sense to me.


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            First off, I'm not a hardcore POP fan at all. But Frosta is so glaring that I am put off by her. My god...they screwed up one of the most popular POP characters ever. This is crazy considering Catra, Adora, She-Ra, Netossa and Castaspella's spot on Filmation looks. The friggin' Polly Pocket team had more respect for the character. No Filmation accurate head, no painted back, gray plastic instead of white, no ice weapons, ice slide or icy spell blast, clunky-ass staff. What the hell happened?

            Battleground Evil-Lyn
            After claiming that a 200X Evil-Lyn wouldn't be a repaint...we got a repaint. Mattel took a figure and wasted a slot. Fans wanted a 200X Evil-Lyn specifically because she wasn't a yellow Teela repaint. That was the whole point of asking for her in the first place. BGEL was supposed to have a new tunic and waist twist, but that would have taken up a development slot, so Mattel went out cheap and repainted her. Later Mattel said that Evil-Lyn is so popular that they could go back and remake her correctly, but with the way the line is going, it might be too little too late. Which makes this frivolous choice all the more infuriating.

            Vehicle Drivers: Sky High and Fighting Foe Men
            I'm not a fan of the mysterious model kit vehicle drivers. Good for those who wanted them though, but I could have done without them. Canon-wise, I'm not a fan of these guys making the mystical Talon Fighter, the vehicle that was made by the same scientists who made Castle Grayskull long ago (Tytus made the Castle?! LOL!). Man-At-Arms made the Attack Trak, which has a mind of it's own. Way to ignore established canon.

            Sir Laser-Lot
            A political figure for Geoff Johns and securing the comic book deal. Could have been a good idea, but his design needs a lot of work.

            The coolest thing about him is when Gygor ripped him apart. The barbarian version is his best incarnation IMO and he has a goblet on his head. The tank version is silly and the Boba Fett-like guy looks lame.


            Two more political figures. I'm not thrilled with Stan Lee being "god" in the MOTU mythos, especially when he's never really been involved with He-Man creatively before. And I get Mo-Larr as an obvious novelty figure for the fans of the Robot Chicken sketches, but I don't collect joke characters.

            Horde Prime
            I've always hated him. I like HORDAK leading the Horde. Horde Prime turns Hordak into a branch manager of the Etheria Horde. This isn't even like Darth Vader...there are many worlds controlled by the Horde and Hordak is but one of many branch managers. Add to this that Hordak is visited by inspectors and princes and all types of guys that he has to answer to.

            Ye gods. This Frankenstien's monster of a figure is terrible! He reminds me of a Marvel character who had his hands removed for a blade on each arm.

            Mighty Spector
            TG couldn't be satisfied with a palace guard cameo? If he had to have a MOTU figure, couldn't have simply commissioned one from the 4H? If you dislike the brand manager, this figure is a visible representation of one of the problems of the line--the vanity figures that have no reason to exist.


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              Not in any order

              Sir Laser-Lot
              BG Teela
              Shield Maiden Sherrilyn


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                I don't really have a top 10, but I do have a top 5:

                - Tallstar (the silver paint job seen on the 80s prototype was much better!)
                - Jewelstar (overall bad design, horrible crystal helmet, granny panties)
                - Vykron (not bad as a barbarian, but the other two outfits suck)
                - Sir Laser Lot (why so blue?)
                - T.M. Spector (one plus: has a great buck for the second Horde Prime head)
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                  10. Scott Sisters: Trio of Bimbos for Scott finger fiddle

                  9. Standor: Scott's present to Stan Lee so Stan appreciates Scott more, and perhaps will agree to create a comic where Standor and The Mighty Scottspec rule the MOTU universe.

                  8. Blundor: Scott's Easter Present to Himself

                  7. Scott-Chop: All of Scott's ideas blended into one figure with someone elses name (who is not part of MOTU) attached to it

                  6. Lt. Scottor (aka Toygyru’s head with a palace guard helmet - only valuable if you stick it on a pike!), buy multiples to build your own army of Scott

                  5. Fighting Scott Men: Unnecessary Trio of Scott figures made for Faction Scott

                  4. Sir Laser Scott: Heroic Knight' Attempting to Defend Scott's integrity as brand manager

                  3. Scottkron: Chepa money saving tie over while Scott thinks of more things Scott wants in Scott's collection. Scott's tired, being brand manager is hardwork. Nap time now.

                  2. Mo-Scott: When Scott watches Seth Green play with his toys on Robot Chicken, Scott wants to make his own webisodes entitled Scottbot Chicken. Scott needs more bucks for Scotts many incarnations, Mo-Larr will suffice.

                  1. The Scott « Mighty » Scott Spector (worst of the worst : marvel superheroes rejects don't have their place in MOTU, nor lame designs made by Mr. Ego when he was 9 years old. Also, this type of character doesn't deserve any important role in the MOTU story and bios, except maybe that of a toilet attendant)

                  Sorry I just couldn't resist...
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                  • Captain Atkin
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                    Cy-Chop was not created by Scott. The figure was created by Mattel designer Terry Higuchi as his entry into the 30th Anniversary sub-line of MOTUC.

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                    I read that too, but I feel Scott had a hand in its creation. My post was meant only for entertainment. Besides wasn't the entire 30th Anniversary sub-line (which could have been an opportunity to produce figures that were either fan demanded or obscure Filmation and existing characters just more ideas from Scott?

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                  For me these are the ten that I was most disappointed with:

                  The Goddess
                  Snout Spout
                  Star Sisters Jewelstar
                  Thunder Punch He-Man
                  Mighty Spector
                  Sir Laser Lot
                  Dragon Blaster Skeletor
                  Temple of Darkness Sorceress
                  Fighting Foe Men Dawg-O-Tor
                  Sea Hawk


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                    I'm going to title mine "Characters that wasted a slot". In no particular order:

                    1. Battleground Teela. Really? Golden Bikini Teela? Most of us would have preferred a reissued Teela instead. PoP fans could have gotten Glimmer in that slot months before her actual release slot.

                    2. Vikor. We don't need a He-Man of the North. We could have gotten a cool 200x character in his place - Tuvar, for example; or Clamp Champ could have been brought forward.

                    3. Demo-man. Urgh, really??? I know they gave us the Alcala Skeletor head with this but they could have given us that head with almost anything else...

                    4. Vykron. Come on... One figure with 3 different sets of armour? This is just greed talking. We could have gotten Modulok early, or Stondar and Rokkon early, or even Eldor, but nope, we got this lame figure instead.

                    5. King Grayskull 2.0. We already have the brown cloaked version of him. Granted, that's pretty difficult to come by, but it wasn't that difficult to obtain in the long run. We didn't really need a new version in different colours and a globe... especially after being promised that there won't be variants in the line.

                    6. Cherry Hordak (or whatever he's called). This could so have been a Buzz-saw Hordak...

                    7. Sir Laser-Lot. Geoff Jones is a great writer. He's not a great artist or designer. His figure sucks big time. They could have given us a glow in the dark Horde mummy in this slot and it would probably have been better.

                    8. Spector. Waste of space. As brand manager, he could have created someone vague like an Elder or based on an existing race. But a time-traveller? No no no no no.

                    9. Nepthu. Nept-who? There are so many other more famous Filmation characters and you chose Nepthu?

                    10. Wonderbread He-Man. Of all the He-Man variants to be made, they made him first? Not cool.

                    I guess that's it. Borderline being included was the pilots, but I think they add to the canon, so they have their place. Standar and Molarr were from a separate budget, so it wouldn't have affected slots.
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                    • shadowfall1976
                      shadowfall1976 commented
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                      In all honesty Buzzsaw would be nothing more than Hordak with a Buzzsaw weapon. The line doesn't do gimmicks, so there won't be a new hollow chest mold, if there was going to be, Snake Face would have been done that way. So Buzzsaw is pointless. Filmation Hordak, now that is a completely new Hordak.

                      And Battle Armor He-Man was first made. Wun-Dar is A He-Man, not a He-Man variant.

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                    10. Karatti - I can't even give this cheap piece of crap away.
                    9. Cy-Chop - "garbage" doesn't even begin to describe it.
                    8. Gygor - glad I wasn't a subscriber when they shipped that stupid ape.
                    7. Horde Prime - unless he made some appearance in a comic somewhere, as I recall, Horde Prime was a giant metal fist and not much else.
                    6. Castle Grayskullman - dumb name, dumb character, complete waste of resources.
                    5. Standor - and Stan Lee has what to do with MOTU? A Lou Scheimer figure would have been much more appropriate.
                    4. Snake Face - no attachment to this character whatsoever. I'm surprised someone actually bought him from me. His shield looks like a Christmas cookie.
                    3. Mo-Larr - another utter waste of resources. Way to crap all over the fanbase.
                    2. Anything Spector - absurdly lame character with absolutely no point whatsoever other than to inflate Scott's already gargantuan ego.
                    1. Sir Laser-Lot - STUPID name, STUPID character, absolutely boring-looking with not one single redeeming quality. Biggest waste of cheap plastic and lousy paint apps of the entire line. And that's saying something.
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                      In no particular order. Optikk Icarius NA He-Man Slush Head Hydron Flogg NA Skeletor Karatti TMS SLL Edward Scissors boy SS's


                      • MegaGearMax
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                        Something tells me that you aren't a New Adventures fan...LOL!

                      • Pinch
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                        You would be correct in your assessment. I have my reasons. And I try to respect the people here who like it. So I try not to dig into it that much.

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                      10. Toothless Skeletor (thankfully his body became useful for the Alcala head)
                      9. Dekker (boring figure)
                      8. Cy-Chop
                      7. Geldor (Illumina lost to this guy?)
                      6. Nepthu (extremely dull, and he looks happy?)
                      5. Sky High (I would have preferred he stayed in the painting )
                      4. Vykron (awful concept that should have stayed in the early 80's Mattel boardroom. There's a reason they changed it!)
                      3. Sir Laser Lot (Geoff Johns lost his mind on this pajama nightmare)
                      2. Standor (while he looks like Stan Lee in the face, I think MOTUC was not the brand to go to to celebrate this great man. The figure is awful looking)
                      1. The Mighty Spector (a mighty uncreative comic book Deadpool ripoff that has no business in Masters of the Universe.)
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                        I know we are supposed to do ten but the only one I really, really hate is Sir Laser-Lot. He's just pandering, plain and simple. Terrible design, even worse name. I'm insulted that he exists at all.


                        • bwjenkins
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                          I also refuse to believe Illumina really lost to Geldor. I'm not a conspiracy theorist but surely Mattel's intolerance of Emiliano had to have had something to do with that. Even with my affinity for the mini-comics, that figure is a complete turd.

                        • shadowfall1976
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                          I can't believe that many people wanted Geldor period over Evil-Lyn and Trap Jaw, I don't like 200X at all, but I do like how Evil-Lyn looks, I like BGEL, but even I sayC&D EL would have looked much better. And I wanted well more than friggin Geldor.

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                        Can I vote for Madame Razz, even though she hasn't been revealed yet? I love the POP Ladies, but never in my Lifetime want that in my collection or have to buy her in my sub.... But since we saw Broom....I know unfortunately for me she is coming. I've been watching She-Ra more lately and, just no. I'll take a Broken hip Goddess or a rotten Spout Snout first.
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                          1. Fighting Foe Men - Cost too much, just a mess color- and design-wise, and saddled with names honoring the Horsemen's gofers? No thanks.

                          2. King He-Man - another design mess.

                          3. Vykron - In the rush to make all these prototypes a reality, does it not occur to the management or anyone else that there are good reasons these designs were dropped? Like, y'know, 'cause they suck?

                          4. Sir Laser-Lot - Monochrome. Boring. Pointless.

                          5. Cy-Chop - OMG, LOL, WTF?

                          6. Plundor - I get that a lot of people like the pink bunny, ironically or otherwise, and that is fine. But its a development slot taken up by kitsch when we are still unsure whether the actual, classic lines will be completed (and in at least the case of NA, almost certainly won't).

                          7. Mincing Sissy KIng Randor (AKA, Eternos Palace King Randor) - Look everyone! Its the answer to a question absolutely no one asked!

                          8. Nepthu - A Character remarkable only for getting a lobotomy from the Sorceress is forever immortalized...sort of. Badly. With a face sculpt that is completely off from the source material and lacking paint ops. Yeah.

                          9. Frosta - A perfect storm of bad choices and corner-cutting.

                          10. Spector - Really, Nietlich, you pencil-neck? Really? Eff you, geek.
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                          • shadowfall1976
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                            I was one who wanted a Filmation Randor. So I wouldn't say no one asked, many like him.

                          • Dark Angel
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                            Just my opinion, brother. And I am down with getting Madame Razz, so we are even!

                          • Captain Wow
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                            I'm with you on most of these. Like shadowfall1976, I also wanted Filmation Randor. I also don't mind the Fighting Foe Men at all with the exception of their absolutely horrendous names (and bios), which I refuse to even acknowledge. But otherwise, pretty spot-on.

                        • #18
                          10) She-Ra (I can't get over the hole in her forehead) 9) Icarius (something just looks wrong to me) 8) Spirit of Hordak (pointless and made way to hard to get) 7) Vykron (normally I'm a fan of nods to prototypes but they went cheap on this) 6) Goddess (the breakage issue alone gets her on the list) 5) Nepthu (boring beyond belief) 4) Plundor (what a waste to me, combine with #5 and we could have had the demon possessed brother and sister, sorry their names slip my mind right now.) 3) Mo-Larr (it really was a joke of a figure) 2) Cy-Chop (this figure smells of last minute addition) 1) Might Spectre (the ultimate ego stroke crammed into the mythos)


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                            In no particular order these are the figures that for various reasons annoy me when I look at them: Cy-Chop The Mighty Spector Sir Laser-Lot Vykron Standor Mo-Larr Fighting Foe Men The Goddess Snout Spout Nepthu


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