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Top 10 Best Figures in the Line?

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  • Top 10 Best Figures in the Line?

    10. Granamyr (Love the big guy!)
    9. Castle Grayskull Man (Haunting face that is totally creepy and totally awesome!)
    8. Spikor (Killer design, super fun to play with)
    7. Fisto (Lots of bang for your buck, amazing sculpt)
    6. Vikor (Viking awesomeness!)
    5. Mantenna (Awesome execution, brilliant sculpt. Should have had a Filmation mouth too though)
    4. Scareglow (A muscle-bound skeleton that glows in the dark, what more do you want?)
    3. Trap-Jaw (Awesome 2 in one with Kronis, excellent execution)
    2. Mer-Man (My first vintage figure, so has a special place in my heart)
    1. Draego-Man (Brilliant design, awesome sculpt, my moniker)
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    1. Mer-Man (excellent execution, awesome "new" head, nice accessories, cool shading on the body... absolutely gorgeous ! Probably my favorite so far !)

    2. Scareglow (splendid look, wonderful cape with cool plastic "effect", excellent face/skull sculpt with an evil grin and devilish eyes... and he glows in the dark !)

    3. Draego-Man (wonderful sculpt, excellent accessories, imposing and menacing figure which screams "fantasy" and "MOTU" at the same time ! THE 30th anniversary figure in my book !)

    4. Trap Jaw (awesome sculpt, many arms attachments especially when you consider the weapons packs attachments, possibility to make Kronis... a must-have !)

    5. Skeletor (with Alcala head = a dream come true !)

    6. Two-Bad (an all time favorite with vibrant colours and splendid 4 Horsemen sculpt - now bring on Tuvar and Baddrah !)

    7. Beast Man (fantastic sculpt with a great animal attitude - could have been even better if he'd been just a tad bit taller)

    8. Batros (my favorite Filmation release so far - I wanted him since I saw him in the cartoon !)

    9. Snakemen Warriors (a real surprise ! Love the marvellous sculpts, armors and weapons the Four Horsemen gave them ! Wonderful !)

    10. Mantenna (the best version we've ever had ! Very cool figure... and I'm not even a Mantenna fan !)
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      1: Scare Glow - One of the coolest characters in MOTU.
      2: Shadow Weaver - Perfectly executed.
      3: Beast Man - Love the detail on him, a very underrated figure.
      4: Demo-Man - Love his bright colors, he has a very vintage feel to him because of it.
      5: Vikor - Looks cooler than most Heroic Warriors.
      6: He-Ro - Happy to finally have him, every time I see him he's a reminder as to why MOTUC is so great.
      7: Horde Trooper - Love these tin cans.
      8: Mer-Man - Smiling face, plus hand waving = win
      9: Octavia - Great sculpt.
      10: Icer - Probably the one Filmation figure with the best paint applications to date.


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        I agree with OP... Draego-Man is by far the best representation of what a MOTUC figure should be.


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          1. Shadow Weaver-This figure is perfection.
          2. Teela-Man, this figure came with a lot of accessories! We will never see a figure come with that much again. We got a lot for the money for her, and the sculpt was amazing.
          3. Fisto-Another one that they hit it out of the park. Man, is this figure cool.
          4. Mantenna-The Horde figure that had me the most apprehensive in terms of execution turns out to be my favorite. Man is he creepy!
          5. Vikor-I love this nod to history. Another example of the Horseman at their best.
          6. Scareglow-The headsculpt truly makes this figure. And that reliquary accessory? Supercool.
          7. Battleground Evil Lyn-I know some folks were upset that it was mostly just a repaint, but the paint apps on the face brings out a sultry aspect to her that the original release just didn't have. The Helmet less head sculpt was a nice touch
          8. Battleground Teela-It's nice to have a barbarian looking woman in amoung your heroic warriors. Some use her as Vikor's partner, others use her as Teela, either way she has a cool factor you can't ignore.
          9. Snakeface-I really love how they captured the scariness of Snakeface. Looking at that mug, you truly believe he will turn you to stone!
          10. Triklops-One of my favorite figures as a kid, they nailed it with him. Attach the Doomseeker and a Warrior ring, and you have a recipe for awesome.


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            My top 10 is my 10 best figures of the line.....

            Trap Jaw
            Beast Man
            Prince Adam


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              Ram Man
              Battle Cat
              Kobra Khan
              Heroic human battering ram, catapult, and space warp device.



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                Mer-Man/TRU Mer-Man
                While I was always going to collect Classics, this is the first figure that I didn't automatically shoot down because it wasn't the 200X version. We've never had a cardback faithful Mer-Man before with the big fish eyes, yellow gloves and greaves. This was the figure that showed me that Classics wasn't going to be all rehashes of old figures--that we would get "new" things as well. TRU's blue Mer-Man variant was a version of the character that I've always wanted. He isn't totally accurate to Alcala's artwork, but that's okay. The original figure was so awesome.

                The love that went into Fisto should have been put into most of the Classic figures IMO. Not just rehashing the old figures, but adding their newer design elements, so that we can have the ultimate version of the character. If only Buzz-Off, Sy-Klone, Snout Spout, Roboto and a bunch of other characters were made like this guy! Fans can customize Fisto anyway they'd like.

                Mattel gave him the 200X/Filmation yellow eyes and gave him his four articulated legs!

                Battleground Teela/Teela
                If I wasn't MegaGearMax, I'd probably be called BlondeTeelaFan or something. I was one of the main people who campaigned super hard for Battleground Teela and lucked out in 2011! I've always wanted a blonde Teela since collecting the line from the very beginning. I was disappointed that she became a redhead over time. With Classics, the blonde look has a resurgence. Anyhow, I put both Teela figures into one entry because of the sheer amount of customization options that are available through both figures that is shown in my avatar. This makes for the ultimate Teela figure. Or figures, since Blonde Teela had multiple costumes with the leotard and the bikini that was created by George Tuska. Now all we need is an alternate blonde Teela head with Teela's hair in a ponytail--Alcala style.

                Ram Man
                A Ram Man that's fully articulated and nicely sculpted, based on the original cardback artwork. This guy is a hulking piece of plastic that represents a powerhouse! Now his legs are posable and you can pose him in all sorts of ramming or tackling poses. His fists are the size of He-Man's head. Now if only we had the orange and red variant...

                Man-At-Arms/Snake Man-At-Arms
                Man-At-Arms had an innovative design that not only gave us the cardback version (dark green fur!), but also included even more weapons on his back! Mattel even gave us two heads. Snake MAA takes the original MAA design and adds the armored 200X flavor and colors to it, especially once you add the moustached head and arm cannon. The Snake MAA head went into a bin and I gave the Serpent's Ring to King Hsss.

                Flaming sword, flaming whip, flaming shield. Unflamed versions of those weapons. Wings. Armor. Striking colors. If Dreago-Man had an articulated jaw and a fiery breath piece that you could insert into his mouth, he would be perfection! But he's pretty damn close to it right now! Kudos to the 4H for making a character who fits right into the world of MOTU.

                I'm not a big Filmation fan, but this guy is a great addition to the mythos! I love his translucent body and his frosted paint job. I was even more appreciative of this creativity when I got him during a heatwave this summer. He even came with an ice javelin. Too bad Frosta didn't get this type of love.

                Trap Jaw
                If you thought that Trap Jaw was a cool character before, imagine a Trap Jaw that you could turn into Kronis! I'd love the Texiera mini-comic and Filmation versions of the guy!

                Conan in MOTU. I like the barbaric nature of this character with his furry cape and weathered looking weapons. A pity that he didn't come with an unhelmeted head.


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                  1.Scare Glow
                  2. Blade
                  3. Trap Jaw
                  4. Tri-Klops
                  5. Fisto
                  6. Mantenna

                  7. Two Bad
                  8. Fearless Photog
                  9. Shadow Weaver
                  10. Optikk
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                    Honestly, I love too many to be able to choose just 10. Whiplash, Scare-Glow and Catra are definately up there in my top 10.


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                      It is hard to pick just ten. In no particular order:

                      Trap Jaw/Kronis
                      Shadow Weaver
                      Kobra Kahn

                      And two more honorable mentions:



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                        In no order. Whiplash, Stinkor, Snake Face, Fisto, MAA, Webstor, Beast Man, TRU Skeletor, Trap Jaw, Mantenna


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