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Could a Karg action figure be in the works?

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  • Could a Karg action figure be in the works?

    A few years ago, I started a thread at He-Man.Org titled KARG + 80s MOTU Magazine = MOTUC???

    The thread discussed the fact that the 1980s Masters of the Universe Magazine had an original comic in one issue that featured Karg. He appears with Blade, Saurod, and Gwildor in the issue, and is drawn in a style similar to the Filmation cartoon. The main question put forward in the thread was "could this comic possibly count towards Karg being made as a MOTUC figure?"

    The comic is clearly set up to sell toys, and all of the characters, creatures, and playset (except Karg) is from the original toyline. Karg also has a nice streamlined look in the comic that would have work well for an action figure. When I interviewed actor Robert Towers in 2013, he said that Mattel went to the set and took photos of him in the Karg costume for a toy that was never produced.

    Robert Towers:
    I posed on the set, while they photographed me for hours and hours, to make a Karg toy. That never happened. I own a Gwildor toy in honor of my friend who is no longer with us. I was disappointed, but Mattel kept saying that one would come out eventually. I'm still waiting.
    The Magazine's comic made me wonder if Mattel had planned on releasing Karg in the 80's toyline using this design. The Magazine is also well know for the first appearance of Strobo, and was used as a way of introducing potential new character and vehicle designs to kids.

    When the question was brought to Scott "Toyguru" Neitlich in 2010, his answer did not give many fans hope of seeing Karg made as an action figure.

    No, we do not have access to the 1987 movie at this time, even if that style characters appeared in art. We only have access to the three characters who appeared in the vintage toy line.
    Years later, things are looking up for Karg fans! In the recent Q&A with Mattel, Penny Dreadful asked:

    It is known that Mattel does not have the rights to character designs from the '87 movie for characters that were not made into figures during the 1980s. However, one of the major film characters, Karg, appeared prominently as a comic character in the US He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Magazine which Mattel/DreamWorks owns the rights to. Would it be possible for Mattel to release a Karg figure based on his design from the magazine as opposed to his design from the film?
    This time, the reply from Mattel this time was much more hopeful:

    That is something we would have to re-evaluate. Before we could do the figure we’d have to re-examine our current rights and what can be done in the future. There are a lot of great figures that we could do, especially if there is a demand for them.
    Now this is no guarantee that a Karg figure will get made, but it is great that Mattel is willing to re-examine their current rights to see if figures like Karg could be made. It is worth noting that Karg, Air Centurions, and Skeletor's Robot Shock Troopers from the 1987 movie all appeared in Mattel's official movie video game. The Masters of the Universe video game is copyright Mattel Inc (1986) and Gremlin Graphics (1987). As much as I would prefer to see them get the rights to the 1987 movie, I would be cool with the same characters based on their designs from other media.

    If Mattel could make Karg based on his design from the MOTU Magazine, would you want him as part of MOTUC? Or would you prefer a movie-accurate version of Karg as an action figure?

    Click image for larger version

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    Karg always freaked me out as a kid. I think he is an essential character for the toy line. I would prefer a movie version, but the magazine version is cool too.
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      I have no interest in Karg. Although, I would have rather they made him than Gwildor.

      Although at this point, it might be funny to see how bad design can make him. Fat armor with granny panties and bad paint apps along with troll hair?
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        Although my preference would be for the '87 movie version, I would be cool with the magazine's comic version as well. The slim Lizard Man buck would work well for Karg.
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          I think he looks creepy like that Iron Maiden mascot Eddy from the 80's, and I won't mind having him as a figure to be honest with you. Creepy (or monstrous) figures are always a great addition to a fantasy setting like MOTU, but that's just me.


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            He looks like a pirate grandma from hell. Thus, he needs a MOTUC figure. ???? It was always a little strange he didn't get a vintage figure, but hopefully the Space Cat Lady will one day get his due!
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              Personally, I think Karg didn't get a figure in the 80's because of that Peggy Bundy hairdo. I envision toy execs of that era being afraid it would appear too "girly" by the masses.

              I really like the suggestion of using the Lizard Man buck. I think it would be awesome to slip in a Karg figure by using the comic as it's 'in', even though they don't hold the movie likeness rights.
              I'm sure the 4H could do an awesome job of making Karg look as much like the movie character as possible without getting in trouble....... they did it with figures like Adora before officially getting the Filmation license after all.


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                I think MOTUC Adora looks pretty spot on to the cartoon look, minus the color scheme. They may have had the Filmation rights longer than Neitlich led everyone to believe.


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                  I don't have any complains if there will be Karg figure in MotU Classics line. Maybe I prefer more movie version of him.


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                    Karg isn't exactly one of my top picks but I'd buy a movie version.


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                      One thing I just noticed: in the comics, his hook hand is one the right side, and in the movie the hook is on the left.
                      “The internet treats censorship as a malfunction and routes around it." ― John Perry Barlow


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                        Maybe as a hook (I don't know if hook is the correct word in english :beasty for the 2016 sub this could happend, but I don't really see it right now, even more when Matty is using slots to make things like a 200x He-Man & King Hsss... I think they're going to other ways and Karg is not on their plans.


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                          I would love to see Karg in the line! I'm not opposed to see the magazine/comic version, as it's a little more colorful and therefore fits Masters of the Universe a bit more.


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                            I personally don't like the way he looks - like a cross between one of the Labyrinth creatures and Darth Vader. But I hope people who like him get him in plastic form
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                              I'd like a Karg figure. That would be super cool!
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                                This was posted at The Fwoosh today, as part of their "wish list" for 2016. Would be great to see a Karg with a cool design like this one this made for MOTUC.

                                Subscription Exclusive 2016

                                Karg — YES, We know. Not possible . . . or is he? Well, according to those now speaking for Mattel, he may be possible. Unlikely, but possible. He’s a great choice for the Subscription Exclusive because he’s desired by most of the core fan base but isn’t necessarily a must-have for casual collectors.


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                                  Even if it's the Comic Version, I'll take a Karg!!
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