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Neck Pegs: MOTUC vs Marvel Legends

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  • Neck Pegs: MOTUC vs Marvel Legends

    I have some of the hasbro marvel legends were heads can be popped off like in MOTUC. Noticeable difference between the 2. ML neck pegs are thick and heads can be taken off and put back on with ease and there does not seem to be danger of breaking of a peg or even bobble head symptom. MOTUC neck pegs are very thin and brittle with bobble head effect. I even read that tung lashor heads are very difficult to switch and once they are on they fit way too tight. With a bit of force to remove them and I am sure the peg will break. Why mattel can't make their neck pegs like hasbro?

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    Patent/ copywright? I know there are licensing issues with many of Hasbro's bucks and designs which is why we never saw a "unified" design among Marvel/Joe/Star Wars figures. For many years ToyBiz resisted swapping head design because of toy safety standards. This was also the reason given why it takes more elbow grease to pull off a MOTUC head.

    The only figures I've had head swap issues with was Vikor... The heat from a hair dryer makes swapping any MOTUC heads much easier. A $40 Dremel tool and a $5 hot glue gun set will also open up thousands of possibilities, and fix most fit issues. I think the MOTUC head design is pretty good, and gives better posing w/the barbell.

    Never had that part of a MOTUC figure break, personally- I'm more worried with ankles knees and wrists on both the MOTUC and ML. I cashed out my Big ML collection once I saw how the double knees and paint aged (not well).
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      I've noticed the plastic in Mattel's figures getting worse lately.Even with heating and being careful, I've found it a little tougher lately to pop off heads of more recent Mattel figures. DCIE figures like Red Hood and Phantom Stranger actually broke on me while trying to pop off their head (first time that's ever happened to me), and MOTUC Tung Lashor did take a little more elbow grease than usual. The most recent Batman figure released, when I popped off the head, the barbell peg actually came out of the neck with the head on me. I swear I was being gentle too. Either something 's going on with the plastic or I've lost my touch when it comes to doing something that's supposed to be so simple as doing a head swap.

      It didn't bother me before, but if this trend continues, then yes Stevan, I also wish the neck pegs were more like Hasbro's new MLs.


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        I like the neck pegs on Star Wars Black except for the fact that you can see the neck hinge underneath the figure's chin in most poses. It looks....unsightly.


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