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  • He-Fans and She-Ravers of Facebook: Keep It Classic, Mattel!

    A message from the He-Fans and She-Ravers of Facebook: Keep It Classic, Mattel!

    MattyCollector: Keep It Classic!

    To the team at,

    The final years of Masters of the Universe Classics have been exciting and eventful to say the least. Who’d have thought we’d ever see an adult collector MOTU line that not only includes He-Man, Skeletor and She-Ra, but Flipshot, Madame Razz and Geldor too? What you have given us is largely amazing.

    So, thank you.

    We understand that MOTUC is ending, but that a new line using parts from MOTUC figures will be offered. Our request is that you keep this new line ‘classic’ – not ‘Masters of the Universe Classics’, but ‘classic’ in its nature. We hope you continue to produce plastic versions of previously unreleased characters we have nostalgic connections with and have been wanting for 25+ years.

    Our Concerns: Too Many New Characters And Not Enough Females?

    As fans look forward to learning what awaits us in 2016, we hope for:

    • More Filmation characters (from both the MOTU and POP series)
    • More minicomic characters
    • Vintage POP variants
    • More New Adventures characters

    Some of us, however, are concerned that the 2016 line will include too many brand new characters and forget many of the fan-favourite females.

    The Evidence:

    The He-Man.Org 2016 Fan Poll revealed that:

    • 8 of the Top 20 most requested remaining characters are from the He-Man/She-Ra Filmation cartoons
    • 5/20 are from the 200X cartoon series
    • 3 are New Adventures toys
    • One each come from the Jetlag (New Adventures) cartoon, vintage minicomics and the new DC comic respectively

    Some characters from this list have already been revealed (Lizard Man, Skeletor’s Robot Knights) and others heavily rumoured (most of the 200X characters), leaving fans hoping to see the likes of Granita, General Sunder and the Horde Wraith in 2016. With 500 people voting in this poll, it’s a pretty good benchmark for fan demand.

    Handle The ‘Son of He-Man Era’ With Caution

    Some of us are concerned that the 2016 line will unwisely focus on the ‘Son of He-Man era’ characters created for the MOTUC minicomics. None of these characters – including Bandwidth, Gladiator and the Great Black Wizard – featured in the He-Man.Org Top 20. There is nothing wrong with including two or three of these characters in a year to ‘expand the mythos’ but focusing on any more (or slotting them late in the year when subs have been pre-sold) would be a grave mistake that could cost Mattel dearly. Certainly a 12-month subscription with 5, 6 or more of these characters could cause fans to abandon MOTUC’s successor altogether.

    It may be worth noting the frustration felt by many fans when unexpected characters such as the Fighting Foe Men, Nepthu and Vykron were given priority over fan-demanded figures. Another of these ‘questionable’ figures has been rumoured for 2015. We hope these rumours are false.

    Fans Want Females!

    We also fear that Matty will ignore female figures almost entirely in 2016, similarly to how they were handled early on in the line (remember the 11 month wait between She-Ra and Catra back in 2010-2011?).

    As the He-Man.Org poll shows, 5 of the Top 20 are female - and none of them are She-Ra, Teela or Evil-Lyn variants – they’re original characters. Nobody’s expecting another Club Etheria, but the balance of eight males and four females in 2014’s Club Eternia felt like a minimum standard. Please don’t let Crita, Hunga the Harpy and Kittrina slip through your fingers.

    It’s Not Too Late...

    The line’s previous brand manager has stated that he had a hand in developing the 2016. It’s for this reason that some fans are concerned, given he effectively designed and named the new minicomic characters and ordered action figure mock-ups of some of them to be presented at 2013’s San Diego Comic Con.

    Without knowing the toy industry as well as you, we suspect a lot can happen in a year. If plans have been made to cram 2016 with lots of these characters - as has been rumoured - these plans can be changed. As hardcore fans, we’re happy to pay up for figures of characters we’ve always wanted. Please listen to our demands and you’ll put MattyCollector streets ahead of other adult collector brands.

    So, we wait in earnest for the reveals to happen, presumably at San Diego Comic Con in July. In the absence of Masters of the Universe Classics, we hope you keep the new line ‘classic’ at its heart.

    Thank you for your time.

    He-Fans and She-Ravers of Facebook

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    female shmemale.

    I don't want more females.

    What I want, besides disco skeletor, is no reversed shoulders. or bulky this or bulking that.

    What I want is Mattel to no longer use digital river.


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      you’ll put MattyCollector streets ahead of other adult collector brands

      Anyway, good on you. I hope they listen.
      Heroic human battering ram, catapult, and space warp device.


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        Four out of twelve being females seems kind of high once 2016 rolls around IMO.
        I'm not really a fan of the fan poll being the be-all and end-all of polls.

        Preferably a Facebook one (and this is coming from a guy who avoids Facebook), because is tainted.
        I don't believe the mass audience wants as much POP as .orgers claim (just a hunch based on sale times & reseller prices). I know I'm going to get labeled a POP hater for this, but I'm not. I don't hate POP, I'm just not a fan of it.... and I'm sick and tired of .orgers saying I'm a misogynist, or a gaybasher, or uncomfortable in my sexuality if I think some POP characters are geared too much toward 4 year old girls. I do have some POP characters in my collection, I'm not against them, they're just not a priority for me.... and that shouldn't get me lumped in with the idiots who say derogatory things about POP, only because it was a girls line.

        ....And who are you to say that Vykron and the FFM were tremendous flops (can't argue with you about Nepthu)? Did they have so many more detractors, or sell worse and linger on Mattycollector as long as say Netossa? Yes, there were detractors of the FFM and Vykron, but those detractors weren't shouted down the way anyone who showed displeasure with a POP character (and there's no way anything in this line that gave as many fans as much frustration as the Star Sisters). So if you're going to compare the hate for Vykron and FFM to characters like Neitlich's pet project of getting Skeleteen his version of Dare into the line, then you damn well better include the Star Sisters too.

        Regardless of the attempt to hide the obvious POP bias in the letter, I agree with it's underlying sentiment of abandoning Netlich's horseshit characters and story for classic characters from all corners of the property.


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          I also like having new characters.

          I also like having variants.

          I do not agree with that open letter.


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            Wow. I love how everytime anyone tries to organize any kind of request for positive change in this line, you all pop up with a bad case of the Yeahbuts, followed by complaints about nothing ever changing. Gee, wonder why...
            Not every beast is tender, especially if there is genius in his making.


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              A whole lineup of POP classics and yet, not enough females? Wow!

              The only thing I interpret from that open letter, is a severe case of self entitlement, hopeless addiction and a representation of people who will probably have kittens if there isn't a rebranded line in 2016. There comes a time when all things must end, including MOTUC. Unfortunately some people wont be able to live out their lives unless they are getting MOTU figures in the mail every month.
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              • teemu81
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                100% agree

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                "The only thing I interpret from that open letter, is a severe case of self entitlement, hopeless addiction and a representation of people who will probably have kittens if there isn't a rebranded line in 2016."

                I find this comment surprising from you. The most amusing thing about this letter is the fact that the author completely omitted all the issues with the line (QC, digital river, sub lock in, and everything else that comes up), because he/she very clearly just wants more toys, and is finding little support here. Why? Because the denizens of Hemanword haven't drank the Kool-Aid... right?

                Yet, my proposed petition to Mattel, demanding issues be addressed, and the doing away of the same tired old model also found no support. So you see, fans just don't agree on anything, and Mattel and Scott laugh all the way to the bank.

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              Meet the NEW loudest MOTU faction...the More Females fans.

              IF there is a 2016, there are way more loose ends to wrap up than just female characters. We have Shokoti but no Masque. Sagitar was part of the main NA gang on the cartoon. I get Granita if you were introduced to the Rock Warriors through Filmation. We'd have Mara, but not her archenemy. Hell, the ABC Giants finish out the Council of Evil!


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                Be careful, Crita and Mara have so much support at the org, their immense and vast fanbase may just find a way to infract you here.

                Yes, female figure fans are loud, and guess what, no one is listening. Every time I see a plea for more females, I chuckle at the thought of one of my fav Spaceballs scenes.

                "Lord Helmet!"
                "You're needed on the bridge sir!"
                "Knock on my door, knock next time!"
                "Did you see anything!?"
                "No, sir, I didn't see you playing with your dolls again!"
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              Originally posted by Dark Angel View Post
              Wow. I love how everytime anyone tries to organize any kind of request for positive change in this line, you all pop up with a bad case of the Yeahbuts, followed by complaints about nothing ever changing. Gee, wonder why...
              My gripe is that this person is attempting to speak for all of us, but is clearly putting their own personal bias in the letter and passing it off as "all of us".
              So to me, trying to throw concept characters under the bus as the only figures worth mentioning their detractors isn't a "positive change" in the least.
              .....And apparently "we" don't want any 200x characters any more either. I think there's a few of us who missed that memo.

              Maybe if this person really had tried to speak for us, instead of a thinly veiled personal wish-list, there wouldn't have been so many 'Yeahbuts'.

              P.S. Dark Angel, I'm not trying to pick a fight with you, just trying to better explain my little rant in this thread from yesterday.


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                Yeah, getting tired of hearing that we need more females when 2-3 in a year is quite enough (and even that is pushing it). Stupid figures like Crita that I have no interest in at all...and since when does speak for ALL the fans wants? Mattel is only gonna make what they want to make anyway.


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                  There does seem to be at least one point where the open letter clearly represents fan consensus--interest in the Son of He-Man era is very low. (Although the examples aren't very good--Bandwidth, Gladiator and the Great Black Wizard are Powers of Grayskull-era characters. And I actually would kind of like the GBW to fill the niche of vintage PoG Keldor.)


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                    I'm fine with more female character figures if queen Elmora will be one of 'em. :P
                    “A society that gets rid of all its troublemakers goes downhill." ― Robert A. Heinlein


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                      Well, I gotta admit, this message doesn't represent my thoughts even though I support the mini-comic and 200X characters...


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                        Every January since 2012 I have sat down and made a list of the 25 characters I wanted most and felt were most necessary to making the line feel fairly complete. I check them off throughout the year and add 25 more each year. At this point from that list of 100 characters 58 characters are left. Just browsing over them, here\s what I discovered of my own list. Of the 58 characters on my list that ave not yet been announced or released (and yes, this does include some vintage figures we\re guaranteed t get this year):.

                        19 are female
                        18 are from New Adventures
                        5 are Son of He-Man or new minicomic concepts
                        8 are 200x characters
                        10 are variants
                        7 are Filmation characters
                        3 are prototype/ concept characters


                        • PhantomZodak
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                          19 females? can you please list them? i'm curious

                        • Barbecue17
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                          Queen Angella
                          Starburst She-Ra
                          New Adventures Teela
                          Lady Slither
                          Snake Goddess
                          Green Witch
                          DC New Teela

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