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Favorite MOTUC figure based on the vintage second wave?

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  • Favorite MOTUC figure based on the vintage second wave?

    I'm not creating a poll for this - just pick your favorite and ideally explain why.

    For reference, the vintage 2nd wave included the following:

    Ram Man
    Trap Jaw

    Ram Man is by far my favorite from this group. Not just because he got the deluxe treatment, but because he's always been one of my very favorite figures, including the vintage version. I love his colors and the heavily armored look he has. He's just a big chunky freight train of a figure. Of course the 100% new tooling helps add interest as well.

    In second place for me would be Tri-Klops. Love the colors and the visor. He was the only 2nd wave evil warrior I had as a kid. Mine has a very loose ankle, which sucks, but I still love him.

    In third place is Faker. I didn't expect to like him as much as I do. He's got great shading and coloring. He's just a cool looking figure, despite being the cheapest of cheap repaints.

    Trap Jaw is universally beloved, but he doesn't excite me that much, not sure why. I don't like the tongue or mangled jaw or whatever that is under the metal jaw. To me he's just okay, despite the extra mile they went on him.

    Man-E-Faces is one I had as a kid, but who doesn't excite me all that much. But, my collection wouldn't be complete without him, he's pretty essential. Maybe it's the overly techno appearance that turns me off. Not a huge fan of his color scheme either.

    Mekanek as a stand alone figure is pretty cool. The "Insect People" mini comic sold me on him. Black plastic aside, he does stand out in the collection and looks great next to Buzz-Off.

    Evil-Lyn comes in last. It's the coloring - she's too yellow. I wanted her to be yellow, but I think they could have toned it down a bit.

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    From the 2nd wave, I have to go with Tri-Klops. I loved the 3-eyed visor as a kid, and the green sword and armor was cool.

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      Trap Jaw and Tri-klops....explanation- look at them


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        Another tough one, but I have to go with Trap-Jaw (duh) on the evil side and Man-E-Faces on the good side, those two have always been my top two MOTU characters since I was a little kid, even though I used to play with He-Man and Skeletor the most, plus I always had something for the cyborgs...

        Tri-Klops and Ram-Man are my other two favorites from this group...


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          Ram Man simply because he finally has been truly imagined as a figure proper!!!

          The next would be a tie between Trap Jaw & Man-E-Faces with ManE leading!


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            Although I liked Tri-Klops too, Trap Jaw was my favorite. He had interesting colors and I loved his voice and look in the Danger at Castle Grayskull record. He-Man tricked him into bragging about himself after throwing water on him so that he would rust. It's silly, but I've always liked that voice.

            Then Filmation gave him even brighter colors, but still colors that I enjoy. I want a Filmation variant of Trap Jaw, as well as a mini-comic variant...


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