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Pixel-Dan's MOTUC SA He-Man vs BA King-Hissss figures video review

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  • Pixel-Dan's MOTUC SA He-Man vs BA King-Hissss figures video review

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    Awesome figures for sure, and the KH's armor seems a little thick here, but I wonder if that was the 4HM's intentional design or it was Mattel's engineering department's solution?! Nonetheless, it doesn't take much from the whole figure's look IMO.

    Too bad that Dan's package was missing the KH's shield, and I hope this isn't a wide spread issue across this release!


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      Of the two figures, I like Snake Armor He-Man best. I've seen on Facebook that the King Grayskull head looks great on that buck too, so I may end up buying two. On the down side is King Hiss, who has fat armor syndrome. How did that happen? There was never an issue with this with the original figure's armor. I may end up swapping parts with the original King Hiss for a more streamlined 200x figure. I do like the head and boots on this figure, and the belt looks great. Just a shame about the fat armor.
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        I definitely am happy for this two-pack! So many options and a great way to give Hsss some variant love; it would've been cool if that pale green glowed in the dark as a way of him channeling his power thru the Ring of Serpos. Plus like a snake sheds their skin, Hss has returned and with a vengeance! SAH, well I always wondered why his protective side is also his sword side, makes it difficult for him to use the claw and sword at the same time, IMO. Other than that the figure looks great, and the idea KG can wear this as well gives us a another figure (KG) that now has a variant other than his spirited versions.


        • Vahn
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          I'll be giving Snake Armor He-Man (as I do with all my variants) a different head, name, and story. Haven't ironed it out yet, but he will be a left-handed swordsman, so the armor will make more sense.

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        I am really impressed by both figures. The new head sculpts are great. I also like the mix-and-match aspects of these characters with other figures in the line.
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          I've waited a very long time for these two and I'm happy they turned out so well. Usually I don't play with my figures but I think I'll make an exception this time.


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            They look great. Im just scared what it might cost in the end, with the Euro down.


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              I haven't watched the video. Don't plan on to. no interest.

              But I did finally read their bios. wow. interesting.


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                So this expensive basic figure 2 pack with no technology (action features, springs, voice chip etc) comes without a 200X snake form, without a 200x King Hiss shield, and especially without Snake Armor He-Man's shield?

                I completely understand and accept their lack of accessories in their high end adult collector line. Its so sad that the CEO won't be going on vacation next year, and all the top level executives year end bonuses will be cut.

                Poor, broke, financially unstable Mattel. I hope their new brand manager gets to take home a pay check at the end of the month. Oh poor Mattel.


                • Mechanizor
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                  Looking back at Fwoosh's review, I think the KH's shield was included, but in Pixel's package was missing it for some reason!... But yeah, Mattel and their hideous logistics keep getting worse and worse early year!

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