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  • Next Reveals?

    When will the next reveals be? I'm surprised at how little was actually shown at Toy Fair.
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    According to the 4HM, they said they're going to be around SDCC! However I don't know how accurate this info is...


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      The other three figures for Club 200X will be announced on Monday. Probably won't get pictures, though.


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        Nice, can't wait to know who's gonna make it, I bet Prahvus is one of the contenders.

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      My guess is we didn't see as much due to some of the "extra" reveals we got during the sub drive such as Angella, Ssqueeze, and Blast Attack (weren't those the ones that might have gotten leaked out when the sub didn't seem like it would go through?). In all honesty, we've seen over half of the figures for the mini sub (July, August, and October, and the head pack sub exclusive) and know every figure through August. That doesn't seem to be out of the ordinary for what we know post toy-fair. We'll probably see the SDCC and 1 more figure before SDCC plus an additional item.


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