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Snake Armor He-Man and Battle Armor King Hsss: Reviews and Discussion

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  • Snake Armor He-Man and Battle Armor King Hsss: Reviews and Discussion

    Is this the greatest two pack in the line? I think so. I mean, the Horde Troopers were pretty great, but I'm absolutely loving these guys. I'm so glad there is so much 200x goodness on the way!

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    Just got my figures a few weeks ago. These are both great figures. I really like this version of the He-Man head. Best version I've seen by far.
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      I have to agree. Glad someone decided to quit cockblocking 200x influences.
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        no shield, no extra sword, no snake form, no removable he-man armor, ugh
        has anyone broken their king hiss waist yet?

        Slide8 by ThePowerSword, on Flickr

        Slide10 by ThePowerSword, on Flickr

        Slide12 by ThePowerSword, on Flickr

        Slide11 by ThePowerSword, on Flickr


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          IMNSHO, they should include the "snake cluster" torso in the 200X head-pack.


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            has there been any word on his shield? i don't want to buy it on shapeways & then have to buy it again in a few months. (the 200X head pack has a couple of heads that i already bought from customizers.) seriously, why didn't he come with a flat open sword with twisted hilt??


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              The most recent 4/1 Q &A (the real answers, not the original joke answers) had this question:

              "4. 13977: The recent Snake Armor He-Man & Battle Armor King Hssss two-pack is really amazing, but noticeably absent is Snake Armor He-Man's shield. Is it possible that this could be included with another figure as we've seen done with other bonus accessories in the past?

              [Matty:] If it makes sense for the figure it's totally possible."

              So it doesn't sound like they have anything in mind yet, but it wasn't a definitive know. There has definitely been a precedent for this so I feel like ti could happen at some point. Might be a neat accessory with Veena or a 200x Sorceress variant.

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