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200X: A checklist. (what we have, and what we STILL NEED!)

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  • Shawn
    commented on 's reply
    MVC Scareglow would be cool. It would be nice to get a "depowered" solid black version as variant of some kind. If they did a Fisto 2.0 a mechanical fist would greatly complement those who have the original!

  • Andy
    2010 Grizzlor swords, ax, and loincloth.

    I want horde wraiths, dwarf marzo, he-man techno ax, ice armor, roboto upgrades, MVC scare glow, fisto' battle fist, tuvar & badrah, council of the wise members, battle Marlena and randor.

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  • Shawn
    Thanks for the assist. Since I'm all now, I edited out that whishy washy crap in the OP LOL

    Besides the checklist, what do you think is "necessary" to be made into Toy form next? 200X has ALOT to offer in the way of great toys! #MOTUC4ever! ;-)

    Things I want the most:

    The Oracle! (Old Man Orko)
    The Horde Wraiths with Triad of Discidium and stone tablet documenting the Spell of Seperation
    Captain Randor
    Battle armor Queen Marlena.
    Teenage Adam with Hover disk
    Teenage Teela. with Hover disk

    Strangely, I REALLY want "Bumblor". Remember him?

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  • Eterni-or
    Is the extra Snout Spout weapon a 200x influence?

    There is also all of Fisto's extras.

    The tongue on Tung Lushor.

    I would argue the staff version of Evil Lyn - as opposed to the wand - was 200x.

    Man at Arms' blue cannon from the Weapons Pak.

    All of Stinkor's extras

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  • Andy
    Off the top of my head...hope these dates are right.
    2009 trike's doomseeker
    2010 kronis

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  • 200X: A checklist. (what we have, and what we STILL NEED!)

    How well is 200X represented in MOTUC? I started to look at various online checklists, but they don't always spotlight heads and weapons packed with this or that character or beast...I'm curious, how "complete" is the 200X era? Vintage MOTU and Pop TOY is pretty much complete. Even Filmation has only a few major holes left these days. 200X feels like it doesn't get enough representation. This is just a start of a 200X list and I could use some help in completing it since I didn't collect the line between most of 2010-2012. Did I miss anyone?



    Head sculpts?

    A design element from 200X era sculpted into the MOTUC toy?

    King Grayskull
    King Grayskull Statue
    Spirit of Grayskull (Translucent Blue) - non production figure not sold to public.

    Hordak's staff
    200X Power Sword (packed with Man-AT-Arms)
    Tri-Klops' doomseeker inspired by 200X version.
    ZodaC (back Armor has design element)
    King Randor's Sword and Staff

    Kronis & arm head packed with Trap Jaw.
    Moss Man head
    Power Sword MYP redeco (from Weapons Pak I)
    Count Marzo
    Orko's wand
    Whiplash weapon & Head
    Chief Carnivus
    Buzz Off Weapon
    Evil-Lyn's powder blue staff and knife.
    Purple Evil-Lyn Weapons from weapons Pack II
    Gold Mer-Man weapons
    King Grayskull II (with Orb of Elders)
    Grizzlor swords, ax, and loincloth.

    Stinkor's breathing mask, and breathing tank.
    Snout Spot's wench.
    Fisto's two heads, giant sword and belt.
    Man-At-Arms Canon (weapon's pak)
    Skeletor's twin swords. (Weapon's pak?)

    Jitsu twin weapons (don't know the name)
    mini clamp for Clamp Champ and back of (armor has 200X elements like ZodaC)
    Lord Dactys
    General Rattlor's armor (end of Wars Weapons pack)
    Spirit of Hordak (influenced, or inspired by 200X but is not from 200X literally)

    Two-Bad Weapons
    Battle Lion
    Rio-Blast's wires
    Tung Lushor's Tung and feet.
    Man-At-Arms pony tail head w/battle Ram

    Snake Armor He-Man VS King Hiss
    Jitsu's "skirt" came with Ninjor.
    Kulatak Elder (not named in cartoon)
    200X Clawful Head
    200X Buzz-Off head
    200X Roboto head
    200X Sy-Klone head
    200X Snout Spout head
    200X Grizzlor (?) head

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