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Club 200X Subscription is a GO!

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  • Club 200X Subscription is a GO!

    Fantastic news today from!
    I know you guys have been waiting with bated breath for the final results of the sub drive so let's get into it. I have some good news and some bad news.

    The bad news....we have to wait 3.5 months for July to arrive so the first figure in the COMPLETE 200X sub can be mailed out.

    Coming in at a whopping 99.9% (and honestly let's just call it what it is: 100%), the sub passed with flying colors. I personally want to thank everyone who participated in the sub drive from the bottom of my tiny blue heart, your contributions are appreciated and recognized whether you purchased one sub or 100. You guys are the ONLY reason this happened, never let it be said that there is not power in the voice of the people.

    Have an amazing Tuesday and if there is a point in your day where you may find yourself feeling down just remember:

    "We must always value life. Even the life of one who opposes us." ― He-Man

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    This is great news!


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      Hell yes! Today is 200X's Independence Day!


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        Like there was ever a doubt. 99.9 with a $100 advertising budget. MOTU fans and collectors will push anything through!

        Now give me Dragoon, Saurod and Lord Masque and I will be good to go.
        “Anything is a dildo, if you're brave enough"
        Thomas Jefferson

        Always looking to trade MOTUC to complete my collection.


        • teemu81
          teemu81 commented
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          Saurod is the September figure............masque will show up in 16

        • Captain Atkin
          Captain Atkin commented
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          I can't wait to see Saurod!!

        • Thinktank
          Thinktank commented
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          I hope they make Saurod. I like many, have wanted a Classics version since the new line was announced.

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        I gotta admit, the Oprah reference is pretty funny (in a geeky way).
        Not every beast is tender, especially if there is genius in his making.


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          99.9???!!!! Really!... At least everyone gets a Prahvus!


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            There was never any doubt.
            "If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all." ― Noam Chomsky


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              again they should have emailed subscribers, instead of using their dumb forums, nobody uses.


              • GREP-A-TOR
                GREP-A-TOR commented
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                Those forums are like sanitized Yahoo comment sections. None of the humor/offense, but all of the ignorance and annoyance.

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              So can i please get my vintage minicomic sub eventually next year?


              • Crespo
                Crespo commented
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                While I'd prefer a New Adventures sub, a Mini Comic sub would be the most viable...
                I need at least Lodar to be in it in order to subscribe.

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              So glad it went through.
              Only downside for me is I have to wait until December to finally get that Prahvus figure I've been wanting since the start of MOTUC,


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                Hopefully Ceratus will have DoS because I need a second one for Whiplash!
                I ♥ Glimmer!


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