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  • In regards to MOTUC NA figures

    First of all I know that there is not many fans of NA He-man and related characters but those of you who like this incarnation which characters do you think you could use to bolster forces for galactic protectors and evil mutants because obviosly mattel will never finish both factions. I have NA He-Man, Hydron and Icarus but I decided to add to them few characters more such as Rio Blast, Snout Spout, Man-E-Faces, Photog, Stonedar, Rokkon and Roboto. These characters can blend in due to their appearance and the feel of space age.

    From the evil mutants I have Skeletor, Flogg, Karatti, Optikk and Slush Head but I added Trap Jaw, Cy-chop, Mighty Spector with secondary head of Horde Prime to create a new character a bounty hunter.

    Which characters if any would you guys feel would blend in NA universe?
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    Blast Attack seems very New Adventures-like to me.
    Heroic human battering ram, catapult, and space warp device.


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      Right off the top of my head it always has been:


      Roboto V2 (200X) - Got to have the Heavy Artillery (Rio will be needed to coordinate with Duncan to protect Eternia)

      Sy-Klone - Aside from hoping to find any existing Gar out in the Universe, Sy-Klone's armor and equipment hold some secrets of their own in this search and more!

      Man-E-Faces - A perfect character for recon on unknown planets as he can change and use his alter egos to compensate for said environments and intel AND speaking of intel...

      P.H.O.T.O.G (as I spell / pronounce him) - The perfect intel, data and digital scribe for these adventures as well as another form of recon for our heroes. And considering in my canon he's the product of a certain Earth expedition force which was led by a certain Captain.... There may be more than meets the eye (sorry wrong catchphrase, but then again will it be???) to creating that connection or link to Earth,or maybe something more.....

      Castaspella - Why not some POP love and have a magic user aboard for those just in case random variable scenarios. And there's something about magic in space sounding cool!

      Sweet Bee - She did come from space so why not have her got back out and she can be the air support along with Flipshot.

      Rokkon - His young fighter spirit requires him to get back out to the stars where the seasoned Stonedar remains on Eternia to help keep an anchor for Starship Eternia in a communicable way

      Strobo & Zodac (I feel will make the occasional appearances during some of the adventures)

      Evil Masters:

      I can't imagine many of the villains leaving with Skeletor since he did leave on his own. And considering the majority of them all are products f the planet Eternia themselves I don;t see them really wanting to leave as they would attempt to take their own dreams of personal conquest.

      But if any did I would think it would have to be:

      Trap Jaw - As it's been evident his time on Eternia hasn't been well, maybe returning to the stars might help him eventually break off and regain his Conquistador glory.

      Tri-Klops - Would be Skeletor's scout and his prior intergalactic bounty hunter resources would be HUGE for Skeletor's disposal.

      Saurod - Why Not? He would get more prominence during these adventures...

      Faker - Just something about having a robot available for mischief and world conquering.

      Blast Attack - Nothing like having a slef exploding robot to help create the beachhead for any arrivals on new planets!

      These are a few whom I believe automatically qualify for the NA stage.


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        MOTU action figures that I feel would fit in with New Adventures are: Fearless Photog, Saurod, Blast Attak, Roboto, Multi-Bot, Horde Troopers, Strobo, Sy-Klone, Dragstor, Rio Blast.
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          Originally posted by Captain Atkin View Post
          MOTU action figures that I feel would fit in with New Adventures are: Fearless Photog, Saurod, Blast Attak, Roboto, Multi-Bot, Horde Troopers, Strobo, Sy-Klone, Dragstor, Rio Blast.
          Don't forget Trap-Jaw, he's the MOTU king of cybernetics.


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