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  • PhantomZodak
    unlgued does look better. it's like they don't even try with the pop girls. they just hate making them.

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  • RoboSteveo
    commented on 's reply
    Looks better unglued, for sure.

  • Captain Atkin
    Good review!

    I just received my 2 Angella figures yesterday. The faces on both my figures look good, which was a nice surprise given how many people received bad heads packaged with the figure.

    Interestingly enough, they forgot to glue down the leotard crotch piece on one of the figures I recieved, and I find that figure looks better. The glued down piece feels like an afterthought, and doesn't look natural. She also clashes with the other figures with it glued in that way (especially Glimmer). I will most likely remove the glue on the piece that is glued down on the other figure.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Queen Angella comparison.jpg
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  • Barbecue17
    started a topic Angella: Reviews and Discussion

    Angella: Reviews and Discussion

    I've been quit busy over the past few month or so and I've finally gotten around to being able to review Angella. Other than her shortness (which is odd rather than detrimental to the figure) I really, really like her. She's definitely one of my favorites in a year that has had a nice run of good to great figures so far!

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