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  • Callix Video Preview

    I know it's a character that really has no significance except for being Hordak's punishment fodder... But I really like him.

    And after reading his bio; and I think I made a post sighting this too: imagine if Callix's abilities or powers evolved beyond what we all thought them to be and he actually was a fail safe plan of Hordak?

    In the cartoon Hordak obliterates him, yet he supposedly has the power to reform after crumbling into 'debris' and considering he was a tactician. What's to say that Hordak didn't plan for him to remain in debris form and remain 'cloaked' by transforming into the temples of Hordak throughout Eternia (and Hordak's blast was actually a spell to enhance his power to reform beyond a single individual form) So after the battle was lost, Callix throughout the centuries reformed into these Horde temples remaining disguised until a future potential ally or method of freeing his master would arrive? Then I also submit with his enhanced abilities, Callix is able to create "STONE DRONES" giving him his own small unit of soldiers to battle the forces of good in the hopes of freeing his Master?

    (Sorry guys I started brainstorming and over thinking how cool he can become!)

    P.S. @zombihamma: I'm looking at you for those awesome "Stone Drone" head sculpts!!! (I got 6 Callix's coming in)

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    Cool character no doubt (I think giving him the ability to reform is great too), and I really like the figure, even though the smooth parts make look a little like a Filmation character, but I'm very disappointed in his unarticulated feet! Come on, they could've at least made his NEW feet pivot sideways!

    Mattel, stop being that iffing lazy...


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      Looks good to me.
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        Stone what now?!.... ;-)
        Cool idea , I was thinking a green paint job and CGSM back up rock dudes


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          Looks good. Only thing I wish they had made bigger for this figure is his shield. Looks a bit small.
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