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  • Anti He-Man Speculation

    All we know for certain is that Mattel has found a legitimate way to get rid of some of their excess stock of Blastic.
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    My guess is that this will be an exclusive for Grayskull-Con. Anti-He-Man is very popular in Germany.

    My next guess would be that he is the 2016 "chase" figure.

    "We must always value life. Even the life of one who opposes us." ― He-Man


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      black face he-man
      film negative he-man
      Ginger He-man
      Bro-Man. the most powerful man in the antiverse


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        I'd buy that figure.


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          Its NWO wolfpack he-man, just kidding. I dig the figure, just wish he had the savage he-man alternative head.

          He's probably going to be a pain in the ass to obtain. I see him as a chase figure but it'd be easier to send in 3 proofs of purchase.
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            I like it's and a great nod to our German / European brethren who have supported the line and at times even stronger than most. I want it and from guess it may be the 2016 Chase figure...
            Unfortunately there are some business tactics Mattel has yet to eliminate (Digital River & Con Exclusives; which is more a completist complaint) which I hope even if they don't eliminate find a way to modify to fulfill the fans needs!


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              It is a kind of bland figure i know, BUT it means a lot to us germans!
              Most of us couldn´t watch the cartoon and we "only" had our audioplays, which had mostly a much darker mood then filmation !
              Our Skeletor was such a great actor and bad ass and no squeaking moron( no offence).
              Especially "Anti-Eternia" is considered one of the grimmest episodes and i bet a lot of children crapped their pants back then, while listening to it.
              Anti He-Man is the symbol of our "Filmation"> "Europa", the company that did our beloved audio plays.
              I wouldn´t be a MotU Fan if i hadn´t had the audio plays.
              He is very important as a symbol.
              I would love a more sinister facesculpt with shaggy hair though ;-)


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                It's going to be the Grayskull con exlusive and will be ********ly difficult/expensive to get. Just a guess, but it seems to be Mattel's new M.O.


                • JimPansen
                  JimPansen commented
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                  I don´t think so. Grayskull con has absolutely not enough visitors to justify production of a figure. I bet it´ll be the chase figure.

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                IMHO, all those exclusives should be made available to all fans with a different packaging for the mass market.


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                  This was my favourite SDCC reveal.
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                    Originally posted by JimPansen View Post
                    Grayskull con has absolutely not enough visitors to justify production of a figure.
                    but power-con has enough visitors for 3 exclusives??


                    • Nemisythe
                      Nemisythe commented
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                      Well considering they work in conjunction with Mattel and are the only Con that promotes He-Man and Now Thundercats (and the limited run) yep. I'd say this may be the 'CHASE' figure...

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