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Inaccurate Filmation colours.

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  • Inaccurate Filmation colours.

    It appears that Mattel has botched the colours on some of the upcoming 2.0 figures. On previous photos, it seemed that Beast Man had a pale yellow face due to camera flash... however, Fwooshes photo appears to show that they did indeed paint his face pale yellow:

    Simply wrong. This is how his face should've been coloured:

    Skeletor's clothing appears to be wrong shade of purple:

    The purple they've given him seems to match Panthor's fur a lot better:

    Trap-Jaw hopefully won't turn out to be red instead of magenta:

    Oh, and if they do Filmation Mer-Man - he better be sea green because THAT is his actual colour (he had the misfortune of constantly being colour "corrected" to blue):

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    so much information available & they still manage to screw it up


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      All I see here Off-White/Cream colored face...


      • D.M.
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        Avoid screencaps as they often do not represent actual colours thanks to whoever was in charge of colour correction (that also tented to change Eternian green sky to blue).

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      Yeah, respectfully, this is not a hill you or anyone else should be lookin' to die on.
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        They look fine to me. On most of them I can't even tell what you're talking about to be honest.
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          It could partly be the lighting of the camera used. Some of the pics look a bit washed out. Overall, I don't really notice any major differences. These are an interpretation of the cartoon characters in action figure form.
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            And I think these are clay sculpts and no where near final or factory samples...


            • Twd
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              They are 3d print's you can tell by the surface of the parts and the way the paint is matt and almost absorb's into the material also the texture. On the filmation model sheets they normally have colour codes they probably using that data.

              Or I hope they would

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