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    What is your favorite exclusive and why?
    (Yes..sub exclusives and BA Faker count)
    ETA: Gwildor is a holiday item

    I have to go with Marlena surprisingly. The packaging difference between con version and Matty version was a breath of fresh air when both essentially have all the same parts aside from a name on a stupid bio.

    I liked that she has interchangeability the most and came with lots of extras, even if cringer wasn't articulated I felt that he was a nice little bonus.

    Second for me would be Vykron. I know that's not popular but again...the packaging plus interchangeability. Lots of pieces made him feel like a con item and not just a simple repaint or just a repaint with a minor new tool like failmation hordak.

    No wrong answers here, just curious to see what other folks what is your favorite exclusive and try to give a brief reason why.

    Green Granamyr (Power-Con Exclusive)
    Camo Kahn (Power-Con Exclusive)
    Red Beast Man (Power-Con Exclusive)
    Evil Seed 2.0 (Club Filmation Sub Exclusive)
    Despara (Collector’s Choice Sub Exclusive)
    Heads of Eternia Accessory Pack (Club 200x Sub Exclusive)
    Rotar and Twistoid (SDCC Exclusive)
    Skeletor’s Hover Droids (Traveling Exclusive)
    Oo-Larr (Club Eternia Sub Exclusive)
    Light Hope (Club Etheria Sub Exclusive)
    Filmation Hordak w/ Imp chest (SDCC Exclusive)
    Goat Man (Traveling Exclusive)
    Unnamed One (Club Eternia Sub Exclusive)
    Standor (Comicaze Exclusive)
    Rokkon and Stonedar (SDCC Exclusive)
    King He-Man (Club Eternia Sub Exclusive)
    Strobo (Traveling Exclusive)
    Temple of Darkness Sorceress (Traveling Exclusive)
    Vykron (SDCC Exclusive)
    Shadow Weaver (Club Eternia Sub Exclusive)
    Queen Marlena (SDCC Exclusive)
    Preternia Disguise He-Man (Club Eternia Sub Exclusive)
    Molarr & Skeletor (SDCC Exclusive)
    Color Change Orko (SDCC Exclusive)
    Wun-Dar (Club Eternia Sub Exclusive)
    Battle Armor Faker (Toys R Us Exclusive)
    He-ro (SDCC Exclusive)
    Faker (NYCC Exclusive originally but put on Matty to cover delay)
    Bronze King Grayskull (SDCC Exclusive)
    King Grayskull (SDCC Exclusive)

    Also there's a bunch of maps and mini comics if anyone considers those on their own.
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    Fighting foe men count, right?

    If so I pick them.

    Because Mattel took a "what could have been" and made it happen.


    • Andy
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      I'm pretty sure the foe men were just part of the sub and never mentioned as an exclusive

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    The Star Sisters... Burn!

    Just kidding of course.

    Probably Goat-Man is my favorite, as a (traveling?) convention exclusive from the already released figures.
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    • Andy
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      Is that because of character preference or because they added the extra weapons?
      Maybe the detail alone..
      Or the fact that he was not expected but well welcomed.

    • Mechanizor
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      All the above, plus he is a much needed fantasy creature in a universe that is filled with fluff and boring characters, especially the ones who were introduced in Filmation.

      Sorry for my incomplete above post, I was in a hurry!

    • Andy
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      All good Mech, just wondered if it was only one reason and whatnot.

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    What's the definition of exclusive? Gwildor was juat part of the sub wasn't he?

    Going by what I assume is the definition I'd be tempted to agree on Marlena. Also possibly Oolarr as I love the vintage head and the rest isn't roro shabby.

    Before they were released I'd have said Rockon and Stonedar but I hated them in the flesh and sold them...


    • Andy
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      I thought gwildor was a holiday exclusive.

      Oolar would be way down on my list although I do like the head.
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    • Andy
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      I stand corrected. He was listed as a holiday item.

      Updated first post accordingly.
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    For me probably Vykron because I actually really liked getting prototypes in actual toy form. The execution could have been better, but I still really liked him and bought 2 and an extra MAA figure so I could display Skykron and Tankron as well.

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    • Andy
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      Try Tankron on an Extendar body if you have one. I'm calling him Gyro-Scope.
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    There are many ways I can split up the rank for best exclusive:

    Best exclusive based on Desirability status: Shadow Weaver
    Best Subscription Exclusive: again, Shadow Weaver
    Best execution on a Con Exclusive: Marlena
    Best Con Exclusive based on Popularity: Orko
    Best Exclusive based on Packaging alone: King Grayskull
    Best Exclusive based on Off-the wall Randomness: Standor
    Best Exclusive based on Fan anger: Failmation Hordak (closely followed by Shadow Weaver)

    But if I had to pick on one: Mo-Larr vs Skeletor. Mo-Larr was the perfect fodder to make an avatar of myself in MOTU and You can't go wrong with a spare Skeletor to pop in the Demo-Man head.
    I ♥ Glimmer!


    • Andy
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      I like mo-larr, his armor didn't really have the bloat syndrome.

      I think he is way underrated...i picked up quite a few at big lot prices just for customs.
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    Goat Man for me. I still need to pick up some aftermarket goat legs that someone made from one of the 4Horsemen figures.

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    Always looking to trade MOTUC to complete my collection.


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      At andy.

      I can't remember if FFM was a quarterly or like a SDCC 2014 exclusive.


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      That settles that.

      Guess I need to pick someone different.


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        Wun-Dar for me. IMHO, the perfect type of 'exclusive': not a hugely desirable figure like Shadow Weaver, but basically a variant that's a nice addition to a collection.

        ...I could have also picked a figure like Oo-Lar, but Neitlich's wounderful choice for an name taints the figure. Oo-Lar?? Really Neitlich? **** off


        • Andy
          Andy commented
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          I hesitated calling him Oolar in the first post...unfortunately that's become his familiarity.

          I still call him Savage He-man.

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        He-Ro! He-Ro!

        After a twenty-year wait, we finally got the Most Powerful Wizard in the Universe.


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          Originally posted by Matthew L. Martin View Post
          He-Ro! He-Ro!

          After a twenty-year wait, we finally got the Most Powerful Wizard in the Universe.
          Whose head looks like an 80's strip club dancer from the Barbie line!
          He seriously needs a better head!


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