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25 characters you'd REALLY like to see before MOTUC ends...

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  • 25 characters you'd REALLY like to see before MOTUC ends...

    I'd like to know what are the 25 characters that you'd really like to get before the line ends... In other words, your 25 most wanted characters to be included in MOTUC.

    Here's my list :
    1. Tung Lashor (vintage 80’s)
    2. Ninjor
    3. Dragstor
    4. Rio Blast (vintage 80’s)
    5. Sssqueeze
    6. Saurod
    7. Tuvar
    8. Baddrah
    9. Prahvus
    10. Lodar
    11. Dragoon
    12. Lord Masque
    13. Great Black Wizard
    14. Evilseed
    15. Fang-Or
    16. Multi-Bot
    17. Blast-Attack
    18. Gwildor
    19. Twistoid
    20. Rotar
    21. Terror Claws Skeletor
    22. Laser Light Skeletor
    23. Flying Fists He-Man
    24. Laser Power He-Man
    25. Eldor

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    movie: Movie Shock Trooper(s), Movie Air Centurion(s), Movie Warlord(s), Karg, Lubic, Pigboy, Skeletor, He-Man
    vintage: Rio Blast, Ninjor, Saurod, Gwildor, Blast Attakk, Rotar, Twistoid
    Filmation: Lizard Man, Lorde Masque
    mini comics: Lodar
    Princess of Power: Huntarra, Col. Blast, Red Knight, Double Trouble
    New Adventures: Lizorr, Vizor, Darius
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      Rio Blast,
      Blast Attak,
      Laser Power He-Man,
      Laser Light Skeletor,
      Lord Masque,
      Colonel Blast,
      Tung Lashor,
      Double Trouble,
      Camo Kobra Khan
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      • #4
        1. Ninjor
        2. Dragstor
        3. Rio Blast
        4. Sssqueeze
        5. Saurod
        6. Red Beast
        7. Tony Guerrero He-man prototype
        8. Prahvus
        9. Lodar
        10. MYP Sorceress
        11. Lord Masque
        12. Filmation Clawful
        13. MYP Evilseed
        14. Fang-Or
        15. Multi-Bot
        16. Blast-Attack
        17. Huntarra
        18. Illumina
        19. Horde Wraith
        20. MYP King Randor
        21. Lizorr
        22. Quakke
        23. Calix
        24. Eldor
        25. Tung Lashor


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          This is what I'd like to see before the line ends since I'm staying positive that we'll get to 2015.

          1. Eldor
          2. Evil Robot
          3. Red Beast
          4. Kayo
          5. Nocturna
          6. Spinwit
          7. Artilla
          8. Sagitar
          9. Darius
          10. Tuskador
          11. Vizar
          12. Crita
          13. Staghorn
          14. Lizorr
          15. Quakke
          16. Butthead
          17. Hoove
          18. Lodar
          19. Female Snake Woman
          20. General Tataran
          21. Lord Masque
          22. Great Black Wizard
          23. Evil Seed (Filmation style)
          24. Dylamug
          25. Light Hope


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            Don't really have 25, but....
            Only the first two are in order of importance, the rest could come whenever.

            Dragstor #1
            Filmation Hordak #2

            Filmation Clawful
            Filmation Imp
            2.0 Filmation He-Man
            2.0 Filmation Skeletor
            2.0 Filmation Mer-Man
            2.0 Filmation Evil-Lyn
            Mini Comic Prince Adam
            Mini Comic Trap Jaw (possibly)
            Slime Pit He-Man
            Anti He-Man
            Skeletor's Hover Bots
            Black Wizard

            One I'd really rather not see....
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              When the line began, there were a handful of characters I was anxious to get. Crita, Lizard-Man, Kittrina, Darius and Madame Razz. How many of those have we seen? *sigh*
              I would still buy the infamous Stick-Man in all other lines but Classics


              • Barbecue17
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                If those were the five characters you were looking forward to when Classics began I think you both 1. Had more faith in this line than anyone and 2. Had really, really high expectations. I imagine you'll get a few of those in the next year or so, though.

              • pH6
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                I wanted those already in their original lines...and we didn't know back then this line was to be such a sad effort it became.

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              My 25:
              Rio Blast
              Tung Lashor
              Blast Attak


              Col Blast
              False Face
              Horde Tung Lashor
              Madam Razz & Broom


              Queen Andreenos
              MYP Sorceress
              Filmation Delora/Hawke
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                I'm not including characters from the vintage MOTU & POP lines, because we were told those were already a given. I'm also not including Madame Razz, since Broom was shown, we know she's coming, And we also know Mara & Huntara are coming too. So with those caveats, my list reads:

                1. Granita
                2. Crita
                3. Master Sebrian
                4. Josh
                5. Bubbleiya (Bubble Carriage Girl)
                6. Veena
                7. MYP Evilseed
                8. Lizard Man
                9. Vultak
                10. Dylamug
                11. Imp
                12. Eldor
                13. Human Sharella
                14. Filmation Hordak
                15. Hunga the Harpy
                16. Sagitar
                17. Tuskador
                18. Quakke
                19. Spinwit
                20. Drissi
                21. Kayo
                22. Hoove
                23. Artilla
                24. Lizor
                25. Vizor

                (Honorable 26 - Nocturna. I believe they HAVE to give us all of the NA characters that had figures in order for this line to be truly complete.)


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                  I don't know that I can think of 25, but this line has a lot of great character looks that were feature in Alcala mini comics. He-Man looks exactly as he looked there (brown shorts instead of red), TOD Sorceress (Alcala's Sorceress was always white), Goddess, Alcala Skeletor head, both versions of Mer-Man, the front half of the Battle Ram, Wind Raider, MAA and Castle Grayskull look very much at home in an Alcala-drawn mini comic.

                  Of course, many Alcala designs were really just early prototype designs, like Grayskull, Skeletor, etc. He was obviously going off of those looks.

                  Anyway, I'd like to also see:

                  A true Alcala skeletor with a bone-colored face, bare/human looking forearms (no fins), and five-toed feet
                  Kex Queen
                  Masks of Power Demons
                  Red Beast Man
                  Masks of Power demons
                  Heroic human battering ram, catapult, and space warp device.



                  • #11
                    I don't even have 25 that I want before I'd be completely happy with line. In no specific order, Sssqueeze, Tung Lashor, Rio-Blast, 200x Evil-Seed, Sweet Bee, Angella, Double Trouble, Entraptra, Saurod, Mermista, Kayo, Peekablue, Spinerella, both Mask of Power Demons, Lizard Man, Light Hope, Eldor, Dare, Son of Skeletor. I'd also like a 200x Adam, 200x Snake Armor He-Man but they're not necessary.


                    • #12
                      1. Hunga, Queen of the Harpies (with a collar to put on Angella and some oranges to throw at her.)
                      2. Queen Angella
                      3. Sunder
                      4. Lizard man
                      5. Teela Sorceress (designed in such a way--without horrid drums--that would allow for a head swap to make the ultimate filmation sorceress)
                      6. Imp
                      7. Dragstor
                      8. Mermista
                      9. Sweetbee
                      10. Brightmoon Guards (male and female two pack)
                      11. Masks of Power demons
                      13. Squeeeeeze
                      14. Tung Lashor
                      15. Villager (with swappable heads and shirts to make some filmation villagers)
                      16. double trouble
                      17. Entrapta
                      18. Gwildor
                      19. Catra's cat men
                      20. Josh (because Bow needs a best bud too)
                      21. Colonel Blast
                      22. Saurod
                      23. Catra's catform
                      24. Peekablue
                      25. Spinnerella


                      • #13
                        Glad to see Kayo on many of the lists. I agree the line won't be complete unless we get all the NA who had toys. Unfortunately Neitlich hates Kayo so it's really unlikely. Another reason to dislike the guy.


                        • pH6
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                          Also, the blacksmith-updated Optikk and Kayo are the only ones that didn't get a figure in the vintage line. Why not release that version?

                        • Kevenn
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                          I like the suggestion of Blacksmith updated Kayo & Optikk - that's one way we could get Optikk in his cartoon charcoal colored look.

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                        I won't include any vintage figures or anyone else we know is on the way...

                        1) Crita
                        2) Vultak
                        3) Slime Pit He-Man
                        4) Garth (winged version)
                        5) Kittrina
                        6) Horde Mummy
                        7) Calix
                        8) Hunga
                        9) Granita
                        10) Lodar
                        11) Lizard Man
                        12) Meliak
                        13) Master Serbian
                        14) Evil Seed 200x
                        15) Sorceress Teela
                        16) NA She-Ra
                        17) Horde World Catra (using one of her vintage variants as a model)
                        18) Pretty much any of the characters who left Eternia/Etheria to go to the Tri-Solar System
                        19) Horde World Horde Trooper variant
                        20) Dare/He-Ro
                        21) Skeleteen (please don't let that be the official name)
                        22) Light Hope
                        23) Kulatak leader
                        24) Snarrrl
                        ​25) Gladiator

                        (I also wish there was a female member of the Snake Army, but that isn't a specific character.)


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                          1. Blast-Attak
                          2. Mermista
                          3. Tung Lashor
                          4. Ninjor
                          5. Dragstor
                          6. Double Trouble
                          7. Saurod
                          8. Eldor
                          9. Peekablue
                          10. Entrapta
                          11. Sssqueeze
                          12, Sweet Bee
                          13. Twistoid
                          13. Angella
                          14. Perfuma
                          15. Spinnerella
                          16. Flying Fists He-Man
                          17. Terror Claws Skeletor
                          18. Gwildor
                          19. Multi-Bot
                          20. Skeletor (200x re-deco)
                          21. Karg
                          22. Granita
                          23. Illumina
                          24. Lizard Man
                          25. Rotar


                          • #16
                            1. Illumina
                            2. Saurod
                            3. Gwildor
                            4. Rio Blast
                            5. Imp
                            6. Queen Angella
                            7. Eldor
                            9. Dragstor
                            10. Quakke
                            11. Rotar
                            12. Twistoid
                            13. Oolar
                            14. Blast- Attak
                            15.Tung Lashor
                            16. Ssqueeze
                            17. Dare/ He-Ro 2
                            18. Sweet Bee
                            19. Perfuma
                            20. Entrapta
                            21. Double Trouble
                            22. Peekablue
                            23. Spinerella
                            24. Hover Robots
                            25. King Miro


                            • #17
                              1. Eldor
                              2. Crita
                              3. Evilseed
                              4. Tung Lashor
                              5. Queen Angela
                              6. Mara
                              7. Lodar
                              8. Hunga the Harpy
                              9. Sharella
                              10. Dree Elle
                              11. Skeletor’s Robot Knights
                              12. Old Man Marzo
                              13. Mermista
                              14. Snake Goddess
                              15. Sssqueeze
                              16. King Miro
                              17. Veena
                              18. Odiphus
                              19. Calix
                              20. Imp
                              21. Hawke
                              22. Vultak
                              23. Sweet Bee
                              24. Dragstor
                              25. Entrapta
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                                1) Oo-Larr
                                2) Ninjor
                                3) Tung Lashor
                                4) Sssqueeze
                                5) Sagitar (Jetlag style)
                                6) Lizorr
                                7) Evilseed (MYP)
                                8) Imp
                                9) Mermista
                                10) Angella
                                11) Perfuma
                                12) Crita (original)
                                13) Blast Attack
                                14) Veena
                                15) Hoove
                                16) Snake Armor He-Man
                                17) Ice Armor He-Man
                                18) Alcala Teela (with the big blonde ponytail)
                                19) Weapons of Mass Destruction Roboto (MYP)
                                20) Cloak and Dagger Evil-Lyn
                                21) Rattlor (MYP colors and with arm and shin armor)
                                22) King Hsss (MYP)
                                23) Teenage Prince Adam (MYP)
                                24) Sorceress (MYP)
                                25) Clawful (Filmation)

                                These are the major guys that I want, damn near half are variants. If there was a top fifty, I would want even more!
                                The heck with it...only the top 25 count, but I listed 25 more!

                                26) Queen Marlena (MYP)
                                27) Queen Marlena (MYP Battle Armor)
                                28) Captain Randor
                                29) King Randor (MYP with Knee Brace)
                                30) King Randor (MYP Battle Armor)
                                31) Tuskador
                                32) Spinwit
                                33) Staghorn
                                34) Quakke
                                35) Butthead
                                36) Modulok (Filmation)
                                37) Hordak (Filmation)
                                38) Artilla (Jetlag style)
                                39) Kayo
                                40) Nocturna
                                41) Vizarr
                                42) Teenage Teela (MYP)
                                43) Despara
                                44) Leech (Filmation)
                                45) Sy-Klone (200X/MYP)
                                46) Trap Jaw (Filmation)
                                47) Ram Man (Cardback colors)
                                48) Azdar
                                49) Belzar
                                50) Chazdar

                                At this point, I really have to think of characters or variants that I'd really want. I could keep going too. I think I would fall short of 100.
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                                Vintage: Gwildor, Tung Lashor, Saurod, Rotar, Twistoid, Bionatops
                                Mini-Comic: Masks of Power demons, Haramesh, Ice Hacker & his trolls, Green Granamyr, Oolar / longhaired Alcala He-Man, the spirit of Castle Grayskull, human Delora, Caucasian Stratos, Red Alcala Beastman, Green Trapjaw, Kex Queen, old King Randor
                                Movie: Skeletor's Shock Troopers
                                PoP: Sweet Bee, Mermista, Angella (cross-sell)
                                Concept: Snake Mountain Man
                                200X: Kulatak warrior


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                                  If there's one thing in MOTUC that Scott deserves credit for, though that's not unprecedented in a collector line, was being able to release a ton of characters from the various spectrum of the MOTU mythos under one all encompassing line. While I gave up on collecting the line, I still would like to pick some of my favorite Filmation characters from the He-man series, as I still kept the ones already released - seeing Strong-arm, Icer, Batros, Shokoti and Plundor in my collection display is something I'll cherish forever. Not 25 characters, but at least I'd like to see Lizardman and Lord Masque added to the bunch. Oh! And a Evil-lyn variant for Majestra would be kick *** too!
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