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Pixel Dan's MOTUC (200X) Heads of Eternia Pack video review.

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  • Pixel Dan's MOTUC (200X) Heads of Eternia Pack video review.

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    The head pack was a fantastic idea. I hope we see more of these in the future.

    In regards to the heads being hard to get on the first try, put them in a cup of hot water first, and they should snap on with ease.
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      Now we need to see a butchered Spector head pack as a free bonus!


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        first video of Dan's I watched in a long time.

        The only reason I got the sub was the sub. I didn't want to miss out. Even though I wasn't one wanting alternate heads.


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          Great details on these heads after I opened them up, they'll be my main characters's heads for sure, and Snout-Spout is definitely my favorite out of the six!


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            The Snout Spout head is a needed and welcome improvement
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              Clawful looks way better without the Muppet eyebrows and I think sy-klone is my favorite.

              I agree with Dan that buzz-off and roboto would look better on a skinnier buck and a deluxe buck.
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                Uggghhhh, for some reason I thought the Snout Spout trunk would be articulated. I must have imagined it into reality, and I saw it first had in San Diego.

                I head-pack was the whole reason I subbed (then canceled after I got it), and I still believe that Mattel should have offered the Snout Spout head to every person who owns the original with the defective foam trunk.
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                Always looking to trade MOTUC to complete my collection.


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