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Question about laser light figures

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  • Question about laser light figures

    I read on many different motu forums that laser light 2 pack in december is part of sub and many who stated they are not and that if one wants to get them has to resort to get on matty site. Can you guys confirm which is true and also what will be the estimated price for the 2 pack. Thanks

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    Rumor has it that Mattel goofed up with the Electronics on the figures and there MAY BE some issues to send them to fans outside Continental US. The rumor was based on this Question and answer from the .org
    5. Invicta: It has been announced that both Laser Light figures and the Snake Mountain playset will have electronics. In the past, Matty Collector has not shipped toys with electronics over seas. Has something changed or is about to change for shipping toys with electronics, or are these items only for American consumers?

    At the present time we are still bound by European law regarding shipping products with electronics to Europe, but we are doing our best to figure out how to get these items to you.
    This Awkwardly phrased answer by Mattel's representative created a panic that Mattel hasn't bothered to nip in the bud. (thanks to *Transparency*)

    The suggested price is close to $60 + shipping and other charges.
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      Yeah..TG said Mattel figured out electronics with the PKE meter and he had it planned out already in the sub.

      Seems the problem is either batteries or some code on the package....or whatever...Mattel should know by now and announce if it's still in the sub as planned.

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    thanks for the information guys


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      I believe the price is between $60-$70. It IS a sub 2-pack. Also I believe it's been confirmed the 2-pack will be allowed to buy outside the U.S.


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