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The Fwoosh Point Dread & Talon Fighter review

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  • The Fwoosh Point Dread & Talon Fighter review

    Find it here:

    I careless for the ugly Teela figure since the Talon Fighter is the real gem here and it looks impressive even though it's a bit on the chunky side. Point Dread probably needed to be a little spacious, better or even loaded with extra interior details, but I understand the constrains here... I hope we get to see more of those much needed vehicles in the line.

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    It is a cool looking ship. Teela sucks, but the pilot head is cool, so she works as a figure to stick in the back of the Talon Fighter.
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      I look forward to seeing some people add more details and customize the talon fighter soon.

      There is no way that Teela head and upper torso swivel should have ever made it out of the prototype stage.
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        Sad part is that if they had used a slightly modded 1.0 buck, they could have hidden the swivel under the golden part of Teela's suit.

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      The Talon Fighter is amazing. A shame about Teela, but the Talon Fighter and Point Dread both look awesome.
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        I still think it's too big. The figures can hardly see out of the windshield. And the talons should have been flexed, like the vintage TF. Oh, and no port for the WR stand is dumb as F.
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          Finally decided to comment.

          I had the vintage version but not the classics.

          Just to darn expensive. Had to draw the line somewhere.


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