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Lord Masque delayed!

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  • Lord Masque delayed!

    Here is an email I've received today from MattyCollector, and if you're a subscriber of the Collector's Choice Sub, you should've received it as well:

    ******, Lord Masque will be delayed

    Due to unforeseen shipping circumstances, our January subscription figure, Lord Masque, will be arriving later than anticipated. As a result, we expect him to start shipping at the end of January.

    Please note that if you order additional Lord Masque figures along with any other items during the January All Access Sale, they will be held until Lord Masque arrives in our warehouse, so that the entire order can ship together.

    Please know that we will do everything in our power to get your order shipped as quickly as possible once Lord Masque arrives.
    Another great news to start the year, yuppie...

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    I'm not too concerned. The important thing is that the figure looks good. Always the bottom line for me.
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      Didn't we know this? Not too long after Skeletor's Love Child's hissy fit, so maybe the news got buried. They are supposedly fixing paint issues - like, presumably the fact that that proto was completely off-palette. They announced that Bait-N-Switch King Hssss would be delayed for multiple issues at the same time.
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      • Crespo
        Crespo commented
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        SLC's Meltdown was posted on the Matty forums.

      • Mechanizor
        Mechanizor commented
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        Oh I see, it was part of her meltdown post!!! I think her attitude took over the announcement!

      • Dark Angel
        Dark Angel commented
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        I didn't even realize it was part of her post - the whole thing was like a verbal sawed-off shotgun blast. I honestly thought they were two separate things since hers devolved so quickly and thoroughly. Anyway, you all found it, mystery solved.

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