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NY Toy Fair 2016: Mattel's Showroom Video Tour

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  • NY Toy Fair 2016: Mattel's Showroom Video Tour

    Check out Pixel-Dan's MOTUC and ThunderCats Classics walkthrough with Andrew Sparkes of, and Eric "Corboy" Mayse of the Four Horsemen.

    Mattel showroom tour:

    Discuss what you're excited about, what you like or dislike...

    1) I like the reveals of Roton/Skelekon, Night-Stalker, Horde-Wraith, and Tuskador the most! Simply awesome stuff!

    2) I'm glad that I did not go for the Club Grayskull (Classics 2.0) subscription. Most of those figures seem a bit too bland for my likening, in addition to the ankle gate on some of the figures in there! That being said, I'm still after that Filmation Evil-Seed!

    3) It's nice to see the Horde Trooper is making a comeback! Single carded in this case!
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    Roton, General Sunder, ALL Filmation MOTU, Anti-He-Man I want.... sadly, Night Stalker (amazing sculpt) doesn't interest me, but STRIDOR does. Never had NS as a kid, so that is probably why.
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      I was always a bigger fan of Stridor's color scheme when I was a kid. Now I like how Night Stalker turned out, his colors are way less flashy (toned down) and they blend a lot better...

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    Just from the stills alone it is a solid reveal as a whole.

    A well rounded reveal. which is hard for me to pick a standout.

    But if I had to I would say Filmation Clawful followed by Anti He-Man


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      I love Anti-He-Man, he is a badass looking figure. I hope he'd be available to everyone at one point and not a chase figure!

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    Some great looking figures. I really like that Skelekon. General Sunder looks great, and I like the extra Horde Trooper heads.
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      ROTON looks awesome! I like that they included the top hatch from the model.

      The ThunderCats figures also turned out fantastic.
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        If I was a Thunder-Cat person, I'd be very excited as well. They look very good IMO, and from what Eric has mentioned, there is a lot of promise to his new line, including vehicles (and such) down the road!

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      Originally posted by Captain Atkin View Post
      Some great looking figures. I really like that Skelekon. General Sunder looks great, and I like the extra Horde Trooper heads.
      I almost canceled my Collector's Choice sub this month, now I'm happy I didn't. Heck, I might actually buy more stuff for some army building!


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        I guess when it comes to this particular line of figures (and the Four Horsemen) I am always happy to say, they can NEVER disappoint (maybe engineering or the factory can jinx that here a bit) but these guys are just AMAZING when it comes to these figures! Despite some minor 'gripes' (such as that PD Teela [I guess you can get past by maybe customizing her into an all different figure, and why not? I'm sure the Club Grayskull will eventually give us one as well] and Cy-Chop [whom believe me I found a way to rationalize him as an OK figure] and things like fat armor of that complete miss with Rio Blast not having that Buzzsaw Hordak torso...) I welcome any and every figure these guys put into production.

        Before i nerd out on MOTU, lemme just get into the Thundercats....

        Now having always wanted figures of Thundercats that actually were action figures, I was stoked to hear (in some ways apprehensive as well) Mattel finally grabbing the line and the Horsemen were gonna do them AND keep them in scale to MOTU Classics! The customizing possibilities and the fact that another line can somewhat, shall we say be incorporated into Classics(and into our fan fiction ideas?) was gonna happen.... SOLD!

        Now onto MOTU... Glad to see that the villains are getting a vehicle and I definitely would've voted on Roton being that key one.

        Roton: I actually like the one in the DC Comic series and like they also threw in the cover from the model kit so it gives off that vibe to me personally. The idea they are going for an mechanized feature on this... well I hope this doesn't jack the price up too high. I made another comment in the more centralized thread regarding the Roton about the pack-in figure which I guess if this is the only way to get a figure in (and since it's a favorite of Eric's) might as well get them in anyway we can, though the Skelcon (nice reuse of the Oolar) would've mage a great army builder set and that possible 200X Tri-Klops would've been nice!

        Club Grayskull/ Evil Lyn: I'd say the most recognizable of characters (as much as i was brought up on the original) aesthetically this version I liked just a bit more as it gave a lil more separations from the Teela design.

        Horde Trooper: will be interested to see how this goes down.

        General Sunder: Awesome figure and a great character considering we do not have many 'normal' humanoid characters in the Evil Horde. Like the extra heads which can help those who have been actually able to army build the Horde Troopers, I know he has an issue with his boots and color so maybe that will be addressed or explained. One more note on the extra heads: I like the variety and the idea that an alien in a Horde can (as for me) allow more personal fan fiction development in the Horde not always having robotic troopers and maybe Hordak's division introduced that upon his rise, which would date the alien headed ones to Preternia for me.

        Despara: Now honestly, not a tremendous fan of the DC comic per se' but I will admit since her introduction, I have ALWAYS been a fan of Despara!!! Just her story alone makes Adora a tremendous character almost in ways bigger than Adam's story, IMO. The design is beautiful and the figure looks awesome; just look at the ruins characters within her headdress, I think the Horsemen really put some extra kick into her.

        Tuskador: Never being a fan of NA, until the Horsemen came along.... HOLY SH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! There was no other way to have this guy made (IMO) and thankfully since we have a true Ram Man scaled figure I was ecstatic knowing this guy was gonna be done, and no disappointment at all. He's a Mammoth (no pun intended) and rightfully so, giving NA a really good variety and visually making their characters legit!!! My one concern would be his head sculpt as it does look a little Rammy but I truly doubt the Horsemen would skimp out on that so I can't to see just a bit more. And I also hope there is a little more tweaks to the tusks as they seem to 'clean'... hope to seem some 'nicks on them to show that these things have been put to use.

        Darius: Definitely looks cool and not so familiar with him, but he looks great. In a fan-fic of mine I almost theorized him as Man-At-Arms come back to life or cured of his Snake man persona!

        Anti-He-Man: I guess if he's cleared is definitely the chase figure for this year (groan). I do like him and hopefully will get my share.

        Horde Wraith: Now this is what the 200X line was made for!!! Loved these guys for their brief appearance in the cartoon and always and patiently waited for these guys to show up. My only comment or critique is I hope the grey color goes down a notch.

        Nightstalker: Well one way to keeps us in the game is to offer Stridor's variant and hold off Stridor just a bit longer... And I'm OK with that! An amazing beast / vehicle and interested in the modified articulations. BUT the one thing that caught my ear was Nightstalker figure??? Eric says it in the very beginning and I'm all ears!!!

        Vultak: Always love adding more members to the Horde!

        Club Grayskull: Now when they added the Club Filmation and hinted at any possible 2.0 I always thought of this as unmade characters and maybe slight mods' to current figures or maybe their different looks if they were truly different. So I welcome these but wish they kept going with more Filmation characters for the most part but I can see this as way to continue getting them by reintroducing the mainstays and plus have them relateable to a very big aspect of this franchise; the cartoon. I am still awaiting He-man to see the how bad these ankles are but it seems these will be the new look; which is a shame since if any possible new characters come of this sub line; they will not visually match the classics. But that's just me. I still am interested in having them so...

        All the ones we have seen so far are great! Skeletor, Beastman, Evil Lyn (as mentioned before), Trap Jaw (he's always a favorite), Artichoke head Evilseed (congrats to those who wanted him) BUT...

        Filmation Clawful: NICE!!! Now I love the vintage, really am a fan of the 200X and the Filmation, was one I was like eh, ok. But then with this line... I love the variety and amount of figures with this line that I now have in my own opinion a new character to add... just to bolster the ranks even more! Thus the character Pincer is now born and a welcomed addition to the ranks of evil. Where would he go.... Now that's a good question but I've only came to the idea of his name so far, maybe a fan bio will be in the works.

        Side Note: Wonder how much of a price break we will get on Serpentine King Hsss and how much of a mess this is gonna be...

        Overall great showing and always look forward to getting more MOTU!!! Look forward to SDCC reveals!!!

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          Nice read, thanks for sharing your elaborated thoughts with us.

        • Nemisythe
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          Thanks I hope it wasn't too much of of nerd rant!

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        Roton - Awesome!... would have preferred a more vintage take on the face, but still looks amazeballs!

        Skelekon - Sooooo freaking cool! Really wish this didn't come with Roton though as otherwise I would have got at least 2. I can;t justify buying 2 Rotons, even with the different display options.

        Filmation Evil-Lyn - Meh. Zzzzzzzz.

        Filmation Skeletor - Looks great, but the inside of his hood should have been painted black.

        Filmation Beast Man - Cool.

        Filmation Trap Jaw - Nice!

        Filmation Evil Seed - Amazing, now that is a figure!

        Filmation Clawful - Love him!

        General Sundar - I have a Kevin Kosse Sundar head already so I didn't need this, but I really like how he comes with multiple heads. So another win!

        Despara - Love the new comics, and love this figure. The character is so awesome and I'm really happy to have a figure of her!

        Tuskador - Holy crap he's awesome! Love him and love all the NA figures... more please!

        Darius - One of the NA figures I wasn't really salivating for, but I'll take him!

        Anti-He-Man - Love him, so cool! The chase idea sucks though. Enough of this already!

        Horde Wraith - Totally badass!

        Nightstalker - Absolutely love him! Really cool about the articulation on the figure, and I love the helmet! Bring on Stridor!

        Vultak - Love the character, love the figure!

        Serpentine King Hssss - I'm still ultra pissed that we have to pay extra to get this. What a joke. They also inexplicably left him in the speedo instead of the new loincloth. That decision makes zero sense whatsoever. FAIL!!!

        Green Granamyr - Looks awesome.

        Kamo Khman - Love this repaint.

        Red Beast Man - Meh.

        Snake Mountain - MIA WTF?

        Lion-O - Looks cool, but looked better before they changed his face. Super disappointed with that move.

        Jackalman - Looks great.

        Panthro - Very cool.

        Mumm-ra - Nice figure, but it better come with both hoods.

        Pumyra - I have zero interest in this figure. Waste of money IMO.

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          Cool post... I'm still hoping that Anti-He-Man isn't a chase figure. I simply loath the idea...

          As for Snake Mountain, Eric Treadaway has mentioned on/in RGD episode 133 that it's still in the work in progress phase and wasn't expected to be revealed before the SDCC month!
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        • Captain Atkin
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          In regards to Snake Mountain, the prototype is huge, and there is a good chance it would have been damaged travelling from LA to NY. I think we will see a finished version of the Mountain in the near future.

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        they have to be wrong about sunder coming with horde trooper heads, it doesn't make sense. if i'm going to army build, i would buy horde troopers, not general sunders. that has to be a mistake.


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