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    1. Who is that Green Guy in the last issue standing next to King Grayskull with Trap Jaw style legs?

    2. Who is that Gold Robot lady in I think the second to last issue?

    3. Why did Dark Horse stop making these after 3 issues and then DC took over?

    4. When are we getting Skeleteen as a figure?! I'd actually really like most of the new characters that were introduced as figures, including some of the Son of He-Man guys, but particularly the Create-A-Character figures, both vintage and recent.
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    1: Don't remember
    2: Robo-woman if I recall correctly.
    3:Logistics (I think that was what 'Guru said)
    4: Dunno, but now that we have Dare, I kinda NEED Skeleteen for Symmetry's sake.
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      is there a picture of the green guy?


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        1. I'm thinking you're speaking of Bandwidth; depending on which issue you speak of (since I don;t have the minis in front of me).
        2. Robo-Woman as mentioned.
        3. Since the new he-man series is being published by DC, I think all forms of comics (mini and current) would fall into DC's jurisdiction; the books & mini collected are different type of publishing which maybe Dark Horse was allowed to keep.
        4. Skeleteen would be nice but maybe somewhere farther down the road if it gets that far as possibly a collector's choice or sub-line like The Son of Hero II sub


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