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The Fwoosh's review: Trap Jaw 2.0 (Filmation Style)

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  • The Fwoosh's review: Trap Jaw 2.0 (Filmation Style)


    Cool figure, but I'm not into the Filmation style toys, too bland for my taste.

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    OK, now hold up. Filmation Trap-Jaw's weapons and other accessories basically plugged right into his shoulder "hub." He had no functional "arm" extension like the toy at all.

    So the toy version gets an arm extension, but it is just a straight tube - no elbow or anything, which would have been the only reason to bother with it, and would arguably be an improvement on the animation model, even though it would not be accurate.

    So this is not only not animation accurate, it is inaccurate for no value-added reason. LOL, wut?

    Oh, wait, it's Mattel. Yeah, nevermind.
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      It looks AMAZING. 8O
      Though... why haven't they included the hook attachment and how is the boxart even worse than He-Man one?!
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        They really need to get Emiliano to do the artwork for the back of these packages. It looks... off.
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          Gotta agree with the Captain. Mattel needs Emiliano to exorcise those box-art demons.


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            Just got my Trap Jaw yesterday. Looks pretty cool. Just wish that the mechanical arm could be made shorter to look more like the cartoon version.
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