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Power-Con Figures Shipping?

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  • Power-Con Figures Shipping?

    Sorry to have to ask this, but does anyone know when the Power-Con figures will start shipping? Thanks.
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    It depends where you ordered them from. I think if you got them from the Power-Con site, they'll be shipped by the owner of Fantastic Plastic Toys, and it'll be something like 6-10 weeks after the show.

    If you got them from Big Bad Toy Store, might be sooner than that or the same time. Their site says July 2016.


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      I'm very interested to see how all of this will play out. Hope people who bought the figures don't have to wait to long.
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        It's not the wait folks should worry about. It's the no return/exchange policy. With the QC issues the regular releases have, I have a hard time thinking these will be even better. I wish everyone luck on that - truly. Don't want to see anyone get stuck with bum product, especially since they aren't able to return or exchange them for another.


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