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  • The More Things Change...

    Fun with insomnia: Came across this post and had a good laugh. No criticism of the author or site intended at all - I remember thinking the whole thing would never work myself. I wasn't going to invest so much as a penny into the franchise because I was just sure it would all fizzle out with a handful of figures whose aesthetics matched exactly nothing else. Now I have a room full of bloody MOTUC.

    I successfully avoided buying any for ages - right up until Hordak came out. Had to have a Hordak, because, y'know, obviously he is the best MOTU character, like, ever (YMMV). Then he was lonely, but I could not, would not buy that MAA no matter how awesome he looked. Not Tri-Klops either, no sir. Hey, but that Teela figure looked sweet. Of course, Teela doesn't really go with Hordak, does she? There's no real link there in any of the various media. Good thing they were fixing to re-release He-Man and Skelly right about that time. Oh, hey, Scareglow! And all downhill from there. And oh, how I kicked myself over skipping MAA until the second release...and paid a fortune for Tri-Klops on Ebay. At least I got a loose Webstor for a song...

    You know what, though? For all irritation and drama MOTUC has caused, I do have at least a few good memories. We all tend to focus on the bad, and granted the bad is really, really bad...but we should try to remember some of the good.

    What about you all? Were you all in from the start, or were you doubters like myself?

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    Wow, that post you dug up from 2008 is a classic! LOL...

    I was one of those people who were heart broken with the 200X's cancellation, and how poorly it was distributed, man I remember those days where I used to run from one place to another to hunt for those figures/vehicls, and all I could find 90% of the times is more of the He-Man and Skeletor dreadful variants sitting on the shelves, until I almost gave up collecting all together, soon after the line was officially done for!

    And I kept hopping for years to see MOTU would make a come back of some sort, and there it was somewhere in one of those Toy mags' pages (ToyFair I think) the new MOTUC He-Man was on display, and a few months later my first figure (King Grayskull) was purchased, and as they say, the rest is history.

    That being said, I'm still hopeful to this moment to see at least Snake Mountain and a bunch of other vehicles in a MOTUC toy form before calling it quits.


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      I was totally a doubter... More because I had bought and sold a vintage collection already, but once Vikor came out... Everything changed.
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        I remember thinking that $20 cost was pretty steep. I don't want to think how much total I've spent on MOTUC since the line started.


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          I didn't jump in until the TRU 2 packs. Luckily I don't think I ever paid too much for any 1 figure.


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            Yeah I set a budget and stuck to it, I got really lucky and found most of the tough ones on dinged cards or loose before prices became truly insane. Still no 1st Teela which I skipped because she was so easy and cheap to find for a long while there.

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          Originally posted by Y2Greg View Post
          I remember thinking that $20 cost was pretty steep. I don't want to think how much total I've spent on MOTUC since the line started.
          That's truly a scary thought for me because I know it's in the thousands which I could've used on other practical things in my life... I hope I could regain some of it back one day!


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            I keep going through periods where I say "no more, I'm out, that's it" and that lasts a couple months and we repeat the cycle all over again.


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