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    It feels like it's been forever since I reviewed a MOTUC figure but here's Crita. I have to say that I've been pretty pleased with everything we've been getting for quite some time now, at least from a quality control level on figures like Dare/ He-Ro II, but Crita is a figure I've really been looking forward to who was just executed poorly. She looks pretty good but there are just some strange mistakes and one of the worst design decisions I've ever seen in this line: Her cape that limits arm movement.

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    I totally agree, I've mentioned the same thing about her cape in the Despara thread since I opened both figures up at the same time.

    Nice to see you back making those delicious reviews of yours.


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      Just saw the review. I'm still not sure why anyone believes that the chinese factory workers care about paint slop. Is it the price? Is it the product? What makes this line of figures special? The earrings are barely noticible. And there is my review of the review.


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