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Snake Mountain News Update from Super7

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  • Snake Mountain News Update from Super7

    Exclusive! Brian Flynn of Super7 has revealed to that the “Snake Mountain” designed for Masters of the Universe Classics has been sent to the factory for pricing!

    We have sent Snake Mountain to the factory for pricing. No promises (at this time), but, at least pricing it out. It’s huge!!

    This news doesn’t mean Snake Mountain is confirmed for production yet, but Super7 is evaluating its cost to decide if it’s feasible or not for them, so, fingers crossed!

    This is exciting news for fans of Masters of the Universe Classics. Fans have been dreaming about having Snake Mountain as part of their collections ever since the prototype, designed by the Four Horsemen, was first showcased by Mattel at SDCC 2015.
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    Awesome news! I really hope this happens. That Snake Mountain looks incredible.
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      Great, at least there is still a glimpse of hope after all.????


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        Fantastic news! Not being reported at the ORG! lol.
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          This is really cool news. I hope it gets made. The Four Horsemen did an amazing job on this.


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            I hope it gets made.
            I'll get it for sure, regardless of price, I'll find a way -as long as it wasn't shrunk too much....


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              I'd definitely get it even if it's $400/500 plus. I know that I spend a lot more than that on stupid stuff like phone bills back in the day. At least this is a purchase that could last for a good while if it was made with a decent grade of plastic.


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                it looks like this is never going to happen, they seem more concerned with their motumuscle things


                • Captain Atkin
                  Captain Atkin commented
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                  If it happens, I expect to see a Kickstarter or something to make it happen.

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                Well, SDCC is around the corner, maybe we'll hear something about it soon!


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                  yeah,I don't see this ever happening


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