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Pixel-Dan's Thundercats Lion-O action figure review.

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  • Pixel-Dan's Thundercats Lion-O action figure review.

    If you are interested to see it, here it is:

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    Good looking figure. I really hope we get all of these figures made.
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      The Thundercats figures and their designs definitely mix well with the MOTUC line.

      Even though I never got into this theme before, I might consider collecting it if Super7 picks up the license and reissues the first Mattel figures... I'm already hyped about the new He-Man/Thundercats comic series after reading the first issue.


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        He certainly looks cool :liono:

        I wonder how long we have to wait to get Panthro?anthro:

        I can't wait to get all these figures! :tygra:

        It just sucks that MattyCollector didn't get around to making them all :Slithe:

        If another toy company has the rights, they are keeping it a super secret for now :mummra:
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          You have way to much time on your hands... lol

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        Looks ok. Not blown away. That peg on his hip is really lame.
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