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    She's sold out. I missed her thanks to a meeting. ugh. they are so stupid, how did they not make more of these.:twobad:

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    she was up for almost an hour, plus it does not help help that the limit was 10
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      an hour is not a long time. I logged on at 38 minutes after & she was yanked out of my cart. there should be enough to last longer than an hour.


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        they should of set the limit to 3 instead of 10, its all those scalpers want to make money, I only bought 1, my funds are limited this month


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          Originally posted by PhantomZodak View Post
          She's sold out. I missed her thanks to a meeting. ugh. they are so stupid, how did they not make more of these.:twobad:
          Considering how "high in demand" figures sold out in only just a few minutes in the past, I think you had a good chunk of time to grab her... I also think Mattel and DR care less at this point of how many figures they'd make or what's the limit per sale on these figures, probably they cannot wait to see the operation cease by the end of the year and start transitioning to Super7.

          However I feel your pain, it's always sucks to miss on a figure and end up getting it with a higher price from the secondary market... But you'll never know what happens next, probably she'd end up showing again on Black Friday/Cyber Monday like all the figures we've seen in the past few years!

          I'm glad that I don't collect the Filmation line, it's one less headache to deal with!


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            I don't really collect this line, but I couldn't resist buying another female. meetings suck!! I ended up buying it on ebay, oh well.


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              I am surprised that she sold out so fast. It makes me wonder how many figures were actually produced.
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                I was about to say, you can get Evil Lyn for about $35 bucks shipped


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                  I have been collecting just the villains, and I'm not even sure if I'm going to get Clawful. I never been a big fan of his but I'd use a few of the loincloths for fuerza-t customs.

                  Anyways, I've used a little patience and haven't paid too much mark-up
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