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What figures would you want in a Mini-Comics sub?

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  • What figures would you want in a Mini-Comics sub?

    Let's play Arm-chair Brand Manager (ABM) for fun! You are in charge of a new MOTUC sub line to release one figure a month (January to December). These figures must be from the vintage minicomics. Which 12 will you pick - and list the title of the minicomics if it's not too obvious?

    Here's an example:
    Jan: Lodar (Slave City)
    Feb: Mask of Power Demon 1
    Mar: Pink Sorceress (Stench of Evil)
    Apr: Tug-of-War Yellow guy
    May: Kex Queen
    June: Green Trap-Jaw
    July: King Hiss Slave Girl
    Aug: Mask of Power Demon 2
    Sept: Orange Ram-Man
    Oct: Maran (Secret Liquid of Life)
    Nov: Delora (Siege of Avion)
    Dec: Red Beastman
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    January : Lodar
    February : Masks of Power Demon Purple Wolf
    March : Masks of Power Demon Green Lizard
    April : Red Beast
    May : Delora
    June : King Hssss's slave girl
    July : Ice Hacker
    August : Haramesh
    September : Mini-comic Stratos
    October : Garn (mini-comic version)
    November : Mer Man's octopus-like monster
    December : The Green Goddess 2.0
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      Here's my list:

      January: Garn - he's visually appealing and adds some diversity to the line

      February: Prince Daakon. - It's February, love is in the air, so here's one half of the couple
      (see August image)

      March: Eldor - he's another character that would be very welcomed to the ranks of MotUC

      April: Female Rock Warrior - I like the Rock Warriors

      May: Green Mask of Power Demon - these are very much wanted

      June: Lodar (Slave City) - he's mysterious and if given a nice shiny wash, could really stand out among the colourful MotUC

      July: Yellow Tug-of-war dude. I wasn't going to include him, but this image changed my mind:

      August: Maran - Yup, you have to wait 6 months to finally get Prince Daakon's lover!

      September: Three-horned snakeman - This would bulk up the ranks of King Hiss army!

      October: Kex Queen - I've always wanted a figure of her when I read the minicomic!

      November: Purple Mask of Power Demon - yes, I'm making everyone wait 6 months to get the other half of the set!
      (see image above)

      December: Blue Vest Prince Adam
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        January: Lodar
        February: Pink Sorceress
        March: Josh
        April: Eldor
        May: Delora
        June: Wise Old Wizardess
        July: Blue Vest Adam
        August: Sky Tree
        September: Pink Teela
        October: Garn
        November: Pebbelass
        December: Orange Ram-Man
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          It would be fun to have all of the beasties from The Obelisk mini comic as well.
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            1. Lodar (Slave City)
            2. Purple Wolf Demon (Masks of Power)
            3. Green Lizard Demon (Masks of Power)
            4. King Hiss Slave Girl
            5. Prince Daakon
            6. Garn (Slave City)
            7. Princess Rana (Slave City)
            8. Consul Ari (Double-edged Sword)
            9. "Mow Down" Red Demon (The Obelisk)
            10. "Search and Destroy" Gold Beast (The Obelisk)
            11. "Horrid" Green Armed Monster (The Obelisk)
            12. Kobold Guard (Slave City)

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              I'm going with somethang like the current model.

              kex queen
              mask of power demon purple
              mask of power demon green
              texiera tri-klops
              texiera trapjaw

              sub exclusive-SLoL Teela
              convention exclusive-the demon from man e faces comic
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                Vintage Mini comics only... And I presume that POP and NA are off-Limits: (If POP is OK switch Merman for Josh)

                January: Alcalá He-Man (Oo-Larr head, bare left forearm) bonus Texeira head from He-Man Meets Ram Man
                February:Timm King Hsss (no mask)
                March: Texeira Tri-Klops
                April: Alcalá Skeletor
                May: Prince Dakon
                June: Texeira Ram Man (Standard Body)
                July: Alcalá Fisto (Long hair, bare left forearm)
                August: Alcalá Teela (Traditional Clothes longer blonde hair)
                September: Lodar
                October: Leech - The Master of Power Suction Unleashed! Merman (the one with the weird beard)
                November: Snout Spout (with the cool menacing head)
                December: Texeira Trap Jaw
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                  Kex Queen
                  Purple Demon - MOP
                  Green Demon - MOP
                  Prince Daakon
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