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MOTU Construx at SDCC 2017

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  • MOTU Construx at SDCC 2017

    Looks like they're finally happening! This is a video by Pixel-Dan:

    Edit: A new better video was uploaded.
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    that was bad.

    though interesting to see them.


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      Figures are meh, but hopefully the sets are cool! I'd get a Castle Grayskull!
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        I'll be buying these. Hopefully we get a slew of figures and castle grayskull


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          Pixel Dan said no sets coming at all and he-man/skeltor are just one-offs..thanks again Mattel!


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            Way to leave money on the table, again... Parents have been asking for something He-Man to buy for small kids for almost TEN YEARS. Talk about massive missed opportunity. I wish they'd stop trying to be clever and just show what they intend to sell.
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              He actually did a review too where he had them packaged. I think he said they're due out in September.

              I'm unfamiliar with mega construx but they are pretty articulated and not blocky so i will definately look for them.

              Hope to see man at arms and beastman next.
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                Well, here's Dan's video:

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                • Andy
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                  Thanks boyo, i never can get videos to post right.

                • Mechanizor
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                  You're welcome bud.

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                I'm fine if they release the mini figures without the construction sets, I can do my own vehicles, creatures and playsets, I'm a LEGO aficionado after all.


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                  I have absolutely no faith in Mattel whatsoever. With their announcement of no sets, I firmly believe these two figures will be the only MOTU characters in this line.
                  If there's one thing just as consistent as Mattel's ineptitude, it's their total lack of faith in anything MOTU not He-man and Skeletor.
                  I so hope to be proven wrong, but come on...... this is Mattel at the helm after all.


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