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Collector’s Choice and Club Grayskull Pre-Orders open Monday, Oct 2nd!

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    I just saw this email from S7:
    Super7 x MOTU Classics Pre-Order

    Extended Through The Weekend
    Due to fan requests and demand we have extended the pre-order window for this release. It will now close at 12:00 Midnight PST this Monday - March 19th. Once this window closes we will not be able to accept any orders for this release.


    • darkhawk411
      darkhawk411 commented
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      Really due to demand or are they close to not meeting their minimum? I wonder if that’s the real reason there were no new figs shown.

    • Mechanizor
      Mechanizor commented
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      I thought about not meeting their minimum order as well, but if that's the case, why would they extend it for just a few days, or is it because people can clear paychecks by that time?... Or just to draw more attention?

      As for not showing the new figs at this time, it could cut the backlash from customers in the future and not risking the current sale of the pre-orders!...

    • Captain Atkin
      Captain Atkin commented
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      Licensing fees for Masters of the Universe have gone up this year, so that might be another reason why Super7 is doing this last push.

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    So did anyone buy a sub this weekend? I see they are still selling them.
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      I was going to buy another Karg figure, but the option to buy single figures after buying a sub months ago appears to be gone.
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