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Pixel-Dan’s video review: Club Grayskull Filmation Teela.

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  • Pixel-Dan’s video review: Club Grayskull Filmation Teela.

    Here she comes:

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    I’ve got to agree with Dan, the face sculpt looks good. I’d have been happy if my PD Teela tuned out looking like that.
    Is it just me or did Dan get it wrong when talking about the hip pegs. He’s saying both hips have the long peg, but it looks to me like he got a miss matched version. One leg has no gap at all at the crotch (the one he’s actually moving and says has the gap at the time) while the other hip does have a noticeable gap.
    regardless, that’s kind of weird how the leg kept going back down into a static pose on it’s own like that.


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      I didn't get this one, but the prototype looked a lot better IMO.

      Maybe her face is better than the Talon-Fighter Teela, but the rest of the design isn't, and that's just me!


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        I lucked out on Teela, but she still looks very bootleggy. I want to like her, but I can't.
        I ♥ Glimmer!


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