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Pixel-Dan's video review: MOTUC Lodar.

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  • Pixel-Dan's video review: MOTUC Lodar.

    The mini-comic legend is here:

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    Looks like Dan got a pretty good Lodar figure.
    My original mini-comic bias might be coming out a bit here, but I think Lodar turned out great. A little paint wash on the pink body would have been nice, but all in all I’m so glad to add this figure to my collection.


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      Lodar looks good. I'll be happy to add him to the collection.
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        He looks good, but not great, to me at least.

        I simply don't like the feel of the cheaper type of plastic on him, also he lacks some shading that we used to get on the Classics, not to mention that the glued armors takes the fun out of the customization possibilities!
        My figure has a loose neck joint and a loose ab crunch joint which kinda sucks. I wanted to love this figure, but I couldn't, even though the character itself is cool.


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          Glued armors suck... He and Fangor are the closest to a Mattel-made figure (plastics aside.) I'm thinking of giving him some shading, but I don't know how to do it without going full ToyBiz ML washes... (And I lack an airbrush, which would be optimal.)
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