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Super7 Supercast Episode 9.

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  • Super7 Supercast Episode 9.

    It's time for another S7 episode:

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    Say what you will about Scott Neitlich, but I don't remember him being this condescending in videos to the fans.

    I think this video is going to cost Super7 future sales.
    “We change people through conversation, not through censorship." ― Jay Z


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      Are you referring to Tri-Klops' visor issue in particular?


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        I just want to know what his story will be, when they wait to reveal new figs and still manage to blow their deadlines and mess up figs.
        as for Scott he was plenty condescending. Just look at the explanation for reversed forearms, and bulky afrmor. I think it’s just that we’re just so far removed from the Scott videos now.


        • Crespo
          Crespo commented
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          Scott was VERY condescending many, many times. Shame that Flynn is going through the Gurucizer... My favorite condescending Guruism is "Mossman is not a bath toy"

        • Mechanizor
          Mechanizor commented
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          Haha, I remember that dumb Mossman comment, and I remember me talking back to the screen: What a douchebag!

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