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  • ABS: New Adventures sub line

    Let's play Arm-chair Brand Manager (ABM)! You are in charge of a new MotUC sub line to release one figure every months (July to December). These figures must be from the New Adventures series. Which 6 will you pick - and list the title of the minicomics if it's not too obvious?

    Here's an example:
    July: Mara
    August: Crita
    September: Darius
    October: NA Sorceress
    November: Kayo
    December: Sagitar
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    Since they've already announced that Mara will be in the line in 2015, I won't include her.

    July: Crita

    August: Sagitat

    September: Master Sebrian

    October: Spinwit

    November: Quaake

    December: Darius


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      July : Lizorr

      August : Darius

      September : Kayo

      October : NA Sorceress

      November : NA Teela

      December : Sagitar
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        July: Hoove
        Aug: Butthead
        Sep: Tuskador
        Oct: Artilla
        Nov: Sagitar
        Dec: Staghorn
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          July: Lizorr
          August: Artilla
          September: Tuskador
          October: Darius
          November: Crita
          December: Quakke


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