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Reports of wave 2 starting to ship

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  • Reports of wave 2 starting to ship

    so there’s reports of Super 7 starting to print off labels for wave 2 figures to ship and arrive this week. Even one mention of someone already receiving their wave 2 order and getting a surprise new Tri-Klops head where the visor spins easily, included in the order. It’s supposed to be in a bubble mailer taped to the inside the shipping box, so keep an eye out for it before tossing out the shipping box.

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    More people are starting to receive their shipments today, and surprise surprise, no tracking notifications. So be on the lookout, you may have a package waiting for you when you get home from work and not know it was even on it’s way...


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      So far no updates on my shipment yet, none the less it's gonna be delivered to my work address this time around, I hope.

      On a side note: I just checked my pre-order page, and it lists my Stridor shipment as unfulfilled despite that it was delivered weeks ago! Go figure!
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        Lol on your Stridor update. Makes you wonder if Super 7 hired a couple of former Digital River employees to run their logistics.....

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        Who knows who's running (or how many) S7's warehouse and their shipping data, but surly it's a bit of a mess, especially considering the prices they charge!
        Just imagine if they were shipping these MOTU figures on a monthly bases, I'm sure it would've been a nightmare to deal with!

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      Here’s an email announcement from S7:
      Wave 2 Pre-Order Shipping Now!
      Greeting MOTU Fans and Customers -

      The wait is over and Wave 2 Club Grayskull and Collector’s Choice are shipping now!

      All orders will be shipped this week (September 17th - 21st) and into early next week (September 24th+). We are super excited how these eight figures came out and can’t wait for you to get them. We think they are the best figures yet!

      A few quick notes on Wave 2 shipping: A tracking number will be provided via email as soon as your order is sent. For customers with multiple packages, a single tracking number will automatically be emailed, and all secondary tracking numbers will be in our system attached to the order but not emailed. Our system only recognizes the first number as the master order tracking number, while all other tracking numbers are referenced to it. Please do not worry! We have all the tracking numbers associated with your orders attached to your customer information in our system.

      If you see people receiving their items before you, please be patient as your figures will be on their way to you soon. For speed and efficiency, all items are shipped by similar groupings (For example, all orders that are full cases, then all orders that are 6 figures, etc.). So, even though someone may be down the street from you, their order may be shipped on a different day than you if they ordered different quantities.

      As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email: [email protected]. Emailing us automatically creates a trouble ticket in our system that can be attached to orders, tracking, payments, emails or other information so that anyone at Super7 can find your issue quickly and resolve it.

      We hope you have as much fun with these figures as we had making them!

      Thank you,
      Team Super7
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        I actually got an email. All it says is that there’s a label printed off for my order. Baby steps....


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          Surprisingly I just got my shipping email (YAY), but no updates on their site (Typical)... I should be receiving mine tomorrow according to USPS.

          Well, at least that's a good start.


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            So I just opened the Collector's Choice figures and I instantly happier with the better quality from the last batch, they're on par with the older Mattel MOTUC figures in terms of the plastic and details.

            Karg looks the best and has the better details, however the joints of his thighs and ankles are a little loose especially considering his weight. The paint job on this figure is very good like Gwildor. BTW, I don't know if Karg's armor suppose to be removable or not, I'm afraid to try!

            Wrap-Trap has good joints and good paint applications, especially on his accessories, but I wish he some shading on his wraps, but all in all no major complaints.

            Dylamug is better than I was expecting, he's hefty, looks solid, has interesting joints and details, and can be animated as expected. His expressions are a little silly and cartoonish, but acceptable somehow, too bad his big hands aren't articulated.
            My my only gripe with him is the lack of shading on him The plastic looks a bit too flat for my likening, but I get it, he's a Filmation figure that was made into MOTUC. At least he comes with an old style Horde symbol.

            Granita looks colorful with some good joints on her, and the rock pieces look solid and heavy with some inner detailed circuitry, however I'd be carful with the inner clamps!... I've also noticed that her legs are a bit too long for her torso, and I don't know if this is the new norm on the female figures. Mine doesn't have double butt cheeks like some complained, so her design is a bit off to me!

            Also, her back rock flap underneath her hair piece just broke off while I was trying to pose her. the tiny inner notches of that flap piece were too fragile and just dissolved completely!!! So if I wanted to pose her with that rock piece, I think I have to glue it with a super glue or something!... Probably this is the first time I've had a broken part on a MOTUC figure right from the get-go!
            Anyhow, I still kinda like her in spite of her QC incident!

            Would I continue buying the figures, probably if S7 focuses more on the mini-comic, 200X and NA figures, otherwise I'd just rather get vehicles, beasts (or giants) and playsets.


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              No shipping notice for me yet. What about Prince Adam, has he shipped too?
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                I just received my Wave 2 figures today!
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                  Originally posted by Draego-Man View Post
                  No shipping notice for me yet. What about Prince Adam, has he shipped too?
                  Brian Flynn adresses the Prince Adam shipping date in their Supercast 12... So no, he hasn't shipped yet.


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                    Got my figures a few days ago. No shipping notice.
                    I ♥ Glimmer!


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                      Originally posted by Crespo View Post
                      Got my figures a few days ago. No shipping notice.
                      Speaking of shipping notices, today I got a text and an email (Another one) telling me my order was shipped, 12 days after the delivery date! Yay...


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                        Got mine now.
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                          Originally posted by Draego-Man View Post
                          Got mine now.
                          Great, are you happy with them?


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