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How MOTU Classics Really Began

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  • How MOTU Classics Really Began

    There's been a lot of talk online about the origins of the MOTU Classics line, with one person in particular inserting himself into its development story very early on.

    Those of us lucky enough to own the original MVC (200X) He-Man and the MOTU DVDs have known there is a supplemental documentary in that set that talk at length about how the King Grayskull figure came about and how it kickstarted the Classics line - and how some folks who have been taking credit for the line for years had absolutely nothing to do with it - but that doc is sadly not widely available.

    However, last summer the 4 Horsemen published a short version of the story on their blog, and here it is for your reading pleasure: The *real* story behind King Grayskull and MOTU Classics.
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    wasn't aware of any kind of drama.


    • Dark Angel
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      Not sure there has been any drama per se, just...taking or at least implying credit for things inappropriately. Search for "Spector Creative" on YouTube.

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    Thanks for sharing the link.
    I'm one of the lucky ones who has this original batch of those DVDs, and I remember the documentary and how it all started.

    Neitlich claims he was the one who wanted to restart the MOTU motion again by reusing the 200X figures, but the Four Horsemen surprised them with the first prototype of MOTUC He-Man at SDCC:

    Of course his whole YT channel is mostly about how everything MOTUC was made...


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      I'm suscribed to his channel but haven't watch it.

      I've heard Scott N. say several times he was going to restart it. and totally didn't know that 4H had their own pitch.

      A lot peeps on the dot org say Scott N. mispeaks (Intentionally paraphrasing). This could be no different.

      I don't pay that close of attention to notice. So I can't and won't speak on that part.


      • Mechanizor
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        You don't have to share your opinion on the subjec MIDOR.
        For the older fans who knew how Scott was acting during the whole MOTUC enchilada and after, can judge things for them selves.

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      I got the impression that this was something new.

      Just trying to understand. I think I do now.


      • Mechanizor
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        Well, when someone who's constantly obsessed about reminding people about his involvement and legacy in a brand that wasn't his own IP to begin with, and keeps bringing it up in most interviews after he was out for a reason or another, and also keeps using it as a marketing tool for his own agenda, that should alert you just a little!... No one is denying his role in that line as a brand/marketing manager with a lot of BS to go with it, but give the other poor fellas a break!
        The Four Horsemen were the guys who planted the seeds for the 200X and the MOTUC lines, and worked on all the units (more or less). Fans, artists and Mattel did the rest basically.

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      Nice to see the 4H’s story out there again....
      I remember a time when a certain someone told everyone who would listen a different version of these events, giving himself much more importance into the creation of Classics. It wasn’t until a little video interview was unearthed of Cornboy mentioning exactly what is in the 4H link Dark Angel provided that that certain someone even mentioned the name David Voss and begrudgingly included David Voss’s involvement in the story. That certain someone gave some cockamamie excuse after the fact about ‘forgetting’ the exact events because there were so many ideas flying about at the time, or something to that effect. (I’m paraphrasing that bullshitter’s excuse because his story AND excuse changed more than once, and has probably changed again on that YouTube channel of his I’d wager, lol)


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