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Revelations Faker figure revealed

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  • Revelations Faker figure revealed

    Interesting battle damaged Faker. Even though this makes more sense as a doppelgänger of He-man that can actually fool people into thinking it’s actually He-man, I hope there’s a blue version at some point.
    I’m curious about the inclusion of the orange Skeletor armour. Is it only included for us old school fans? Will Faker have his blue appearance in the show?

    The metal underneath seems to have a bluish tinge, so hopefully Faker will don the orange Skeletor armour in Revelations once the fake ‘flesh’ has all been removed?

    I kind of hope so, as that looks like it would make a badass figure if Faker’s skin is the shiny metallic bluish hue it appears to be in this battle damaged Faker figure.

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    Well, at least in the teaser trailer he appeared to have a bluish skin/body underneath his melted normal appearing flesh when he was holding the sorceress before she blew him apart!

    It's hard to tell from this pic if has a metallic silver robotic body or a bluish tinted one!?


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      Well, I just found more pics, and I think his metallic body suppose to look "bluish":

      Click image for larger version

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        I like his power sword. Reminds me of the one from the 1987 movie.
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          Originally posted by Captain Atkin View Post
          I like his power sword. Reminds me of the one form the 1987 movie.
          True, at least the sword looks more like a proper blade.

          As for the figure, I like him more than the actual He-Man figure, even though I'm not a fan of this line... Having said that, tt would be awesome to see the Revelation figures get an Origins interpretation...


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            Got Faker today. Since figures had been slowly leaking out I decided to make and effort and make toy runs to see if the distribution WAS getting better. To a small degree it has.


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              Good, and congrats...

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            I honestly can't get enthusiastic about this Revelations Faker figure. I do like the robotic "parts", but the character would work a lot better for me if it had the robotic element, blue skin, & orange hair - like the classic Faker. The blue skin really separates this figure from the original He-man. So, I'm passing on this - even though I do like the cartoon.

            It's been years since I've seen this, but IIRC the Filmation MOTU cartoon featured a Faker without blue skin. However, to me that was never "canon" and I always discounted this version. To me, this character should always have blue skin & orange hair. This was one of the first MOTU Vintage figures I got back in the day; I got Faker even before I got He-man. This may have something to do with my nostalgic memories of this particular character.


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