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    why oh why does my two bad have to go from CA to NV, then IN then TX then NJ, ???? I live in new Orleans, we my brothers and sisters are being taken up the oneway

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    That is probably why shipping is so much, we don't see the hidden **** you tax....

    I mean going from CA to NV, back to CA before was as stupid as you can get, now, the tracking isn't updated, and it seems they go a couple different stops in between each month when tracking does work. Get me my shit sooner than 7 damn days, it's ridiculous for the money we pay.


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      Yeah! Should of known better, I don't even know if it is two bad, as its just a number. It could be who ever


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        Mine goes from CA to NV back to CA. Then through UT,CO,NE,IA,IL & stops in Indiana. Then comes back through IL & IA. Finally to My home state. 10 days of traveling usually.


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          Is there a place that they could be reported? Better business bureau, or some such I'm new to the USA so I'm a little uneducated on such things


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            Fans have tried using the BBB way before now. It didn't work.

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          Did you pay for the cheaper shipping option? Or is this DHL? Other than the first month of them using DHL - see my comment above - I've had no problems with DHL.
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            I've been waiting three weeks for my Two Bad :-(
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              Mine arrived today, so alls good, still it's insane it gos all round the country before getting to me ...... Great figure, love the Badra side, he looks like such a brawler


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                Happy you got him!

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