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New Eternia Masterverse wishlist part 1 by Toy Habits.

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  • New Eternia Masterverse wishlist part 1 by Toy Habits.

    The YT channel Toy Habits explores some new characters that could be made into the New Eternia Masterverse line, and this is their wishlist part one video:

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    I didn't want to create another thread (or two) to continue this mini wishlist series, so here are the next two videos from Toy Habits continuing their discussions:

    Part two:

    Part three:


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      The Masterverse figures look interesting, but I am concerned about the quality of the paint apps. To date, I've seen nothing that stands up to the quality of MOTU Classics.
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        I think I'll pick up Trap-Jaw when he's out from the Revelation theme. As for the rest of the Masterverse line, I think I'll wait and see how the Preternia and the concept figures will turn out before I'll invest in them.
        I wish Revelation/Masterverse was a reintroduction of the Classics or 200X, but then again I'm glad it wasn't because I wouldn't be able to collect those at this time.

        So far my real commitment is for Origins, Mega Construx, Hot Wheels and Tweeterhead (depending on the scale of the statues and the character)...


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          The figures in the videos look amazing. Very creative & unusual. "Lady Slither" reminds me of a creature/demon from one of the Conan the Barbarian Marvel comics from the '80's - very cool.


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