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  • Masterverse Wave 6?

    So I haven't bought any Masterverse figures because I don't want any involvement with Revelations. (You do you, I'm not here for an argument or debate) In fact, I thought they were literally Masterverse Revelations figures. It says Revelations on the box.

    Now the latest rumor (and supposedly confirmed if you believe youtube ( is that the Wave 6 line will be Frosta, BA He-Man, Sun Man, and Jitsu.

    I also found this image on Fwoosh randomly doing a google search for Frosta:

    Which is obviously from Toyark, who I'm not familiar with anymore than I'm familiar with Fwoosh. I guess it was sourced from the King Grayskull Revelations Powercon reveal?

    But it seems as though if any of this is true, they're going to attempt to at the very least, expand this line to include other continuities and perhaps make it a Classic's type line in stores.

    Of course there's a lot about this that's bizarre to me. Why start with Frosta? I've heard rumors of She-ra, but no "confirmation" that she's getting a Masterverse figure. Frosta didn't even have a regular appearance on the show like Bow, Glimmer, Madaam Razz, etc.

    Sun Man's appearance is obvious, but then you have BA He-Man and Jitsu, both of which are less..... "known" than other characters they could have done.

    Any thoughts on this?

    I'm still not particularly vested in buying another line. I skipped Classics because of reports of bad build quality, coupled with the ridiculous online store distribution that just seemed to fuel the secondary market (not unlike Origins is doing right now because they're not producing enough figures for stores.)

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    As a HUGE fan of the MOTU Revelations cartoon & the accompanying Masterverse line, this is great news to me. Based on this tentative info., I agree that it appears they are "expanding" their range to include characters that weren't in the cartoon.

    If this info. is correct/accurate, I will definitely be getting the Masterverse Frosta, Jitsu, and Battle Armor He-man. I'm sure all will look amazing in this style/format.

    I found a Youtube link with more info. Note that the figures being shown are the "Classics" versions as place-holders, and aren't the actual new Masterverse figures:

    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

    Side-note: I never got any of the Classics line either (too expensive & difficult to get, due to their being online-only).


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      I've been buying Masterverse figures because of my rose colored nostalgia glasses. Intentionally haven't seen the toon. Plus I don't have Netflix.

      As for any rumors I try to avoid them. Nor do I pay much attention to them. But it's kind of hard to when youtubers are either recommended or you stumble onto the video in the random section of your video recommends.

      As for the why's this character selection. I can only take a wild guess. Like well, this character can lead to this. i.e. fisto and jitsu. BUT I don't know if buck usage plays a factor. That's the million dollar question isn't it?

      I don't have all of the Masterverse figures. Didn't buy Skelegod, Andra or Moss Man. Not my Moss Man. Didn't have Moss Man as a kid. I believe I some kind of mail away Moss Man. I'm not a completist. Most likely there will be other figures I don't get.


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