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New Masterverse: Two-bad; Roboto; Frosta; Stratos; Revelations Evil-lyn - WOW!

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  • New Masterverse: Two-bad; Roboto; Frosta; Stratos; Revelations Evil-lyn - WOW!

    Recently got most of these new Masterverse figures that have been recently released. I am extremely impressed by all of these sculpts. Out of all of these I listed in the title of this thread, the only one I'm currently missing is Stratos. Below are my brief reviews, and some links:

    Masterverse Two-Bad: Wow - fantastic figure. This toy is truly a work of art. Superb sculpt, articulation, and accessories. This will definitely go down as one of my top MOTU figures of all time.

    Masterverse Roboto: Excellent, edgy sculpt. Unlike the original Vintage & later Origins version(s) - this Masterverse Roboto looks slightly menacing. Well-done.

    Masterverse/PoP Frosta: I only started collecting the PoP figures in this Masterverse line. And, this is another excellent figure. I really like the color combination of white/light blue/dark blue - nice. And, the sculpt is fantastic.

    Masterverse/Revelations Evil-Lyn: A new version of Evil Lyn, which looks great. Interesting design w/the "dog helmet", purple cape, etc.

    Masterverse Stratos: Another excellent figure. Great update, with more detail re: the avian/bird-like appearance of the character. And, this figure is somewhat taller/more imposing than the Vintage/Origins figure.

    As with a lot of these Masterverse figures, I can see these as being de-facto continuations of the long-cancelled 200X line. I.e., these Masterverse sculpts are more detailed & in many cases edgier than the original Vintage figures, but still definitely keep the same overall look/colors of the originals. This is a difficult dichotomy to pull off, but IMHO is done very well here.

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    Ok. I think enough time has passed to say this.


    What an amazing coincidence (no sarcasm) I picked up Two-Bad and Roboto on Monday the 16th

    Passed on that Bad Motif Evil-Lynn. Not my Evil-Lynn

    Passed on Frosta. Not really a Princess of Power person.

    Didn't see Masterverse Stratos. Still find his jet pilot oxygen mask an odd choice/touch.

    Masterverse Roboto isn't my Roboto but something about it just calls me. Besides the rose colored glasses. It's got a nice look.

    Never had Two-Bad as a kid. Couldn't say no to it.

    Got Ground Ripper with Mekaneck. Wasn't happy that they were packaged together.

    Didn't have Road Ripper as a kid. Didn't have Mekaneck as a kid. In fact Meckaneck is one figure I regret NOT having as a kid.

    I could have easily have seen Meckaneck as a deluxe like Leech or Snout Spout. Coming with like 3 different head/neck lengths.

    I don't know how, when or if a snake version happens but I wouldn't mind it.


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      I have to admit, the MV line is getting better and better except for some of those ugly He-Man faces and the awkward 40th anniversary sculpts. The first wave was so off-putting for my taste, but when the New Eterina sub-line has started, things are going in the right direction onward...


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        Recently got the Masterverse/New Eternia Stratos. Incredible sculpt & amazing figure. This is definitely my 2nd favorite figure in this wave (the first is Two-Bad). Fantastic accessories as well.

        Here's a link with a review - pics. are from the link:

        Check out our in hand review of the Masterverse New Eternia Stratos figure that is destined to hit shelves soon!


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          I had vintage Stratos but I just didn't have the strength to pick up jet pilot Stratos.


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